See The Damage A Raccoon Did To An Atticare Customer’s Insulation

Rodents, raccoons, and other pests can cause significant damage to your attic insulation, especially if you have no rodent proofing in place. As you can see in the video, one…

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How Your Attic Helps With Temperature Regulation All Year Long

Your attic is more than a convenient place for storage. It provides your home with a year-round temperature regulator. A sound attic and efficient attic insulation can keep your home…

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Essential Steps In Rodent Proofing Your Attic

Whether you’ve already noticed signs of rats in your attic or you want to guard against potential infestations, rodent proofing is an important step in protecting your home. Rats and…

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Attic

When was the last time you went up in your attic? When you were up there, chances are you just shoved a couple more boxes up there before going back…

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