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Rodents in your attic?

We have 5 easy steps to get rid of rats, mice, and squirrels in just one day!

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How we Do it?

5-Step Attic Makeover for a Rodent-Free Home

In the past 9 years, we helped countless homeowners to get rid of rodents from the attic and crawl space. After inspecting and treating over 500 properties in 3 different states, We came out with a  long-lasting solution that will keep rodents out! 


Removal of the old insulation is the first step and is necessary in order to get rid of all contaminants and rodent waste.


Decontamination of rodent waste like urine and feces is necessary since it’s toxic to inhale and also attracts other rodents.


Identifying and sealing all entry points around the footing of the house, attic, crawl space, roof, and pipes to ensure rodents have no way in.


Sealing with foam around electrical wires, pipes, and air ducts will eliminate air transfer from the living space into the attic.


New insulation will lower your energy bills and will get you an even, comfortable home temperature.

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Why Choose Us?

Diamond Certified

Diamond Certified is a third party company that called over 345 of our customers that completed services with us and asked them a series of questions. To win this prestigious certification, we had to work very hard so we can be rated the highest in quality and helpful expertise.

A 5 Star Rating Across The Board

Atticare is a nationwide company with thousands of happy customers. We contract relationships with our clients – making their home improvement project an enjoyable journey.

9+ Years Of Combined Experience

We offer exceptional experience and project management paired with an unmatched level of integrity and customer service.

License, Insurance And Workers Comp

Atticare is fully licensed and has a complete worker’s compensation policy. To verify all documents for us visit the CSLB website.

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