A Homeowner’S Guide To The Air Duct Cleaning Process

A Homeowner’S Guide To The Air Duct Cleaning Process

Your air ducts are responsible for circulating air throughout your home—and unfortunately, sometimes that air can be packed with contaminants from your attic insulation, rodents in your air ducts, and other sources of mold, mildew, and dust in your home. Air duct cleaners can restore the flow of clean air to your home so you and your family can breathe easy. If you hire air duct cleaners, here is a look at what you can expect from the cleaning process.


To get started, your air duct cleaners will first test your HVAC system to make sure it is operational, since it will help create the negative pressure necessary for cleaning. Once the cleaners are sure that the system is in good working order, they will remove the furnace filter and wrap it in plastic before replacing it to create separation between the supply and return sides. Next, the cleaners will drill an access hole into the main line of the air duct system near the HVAC plenum, which is an air distribution box on the supply outlet of your HVAC. A zone bag is put in the area between the access hole and the plenum and inflated so that there is a strong, negative pressure vacuum created.


An air duct cleaning system will be attached at the zone bag and access hole. This machine sucks out dirt and debris from the system. The cleaners will seal off all of the registers and then go to each individual branch line off the main line to use duct brushes and blasts of air to clean them out and force dirt and debris into the main line. This process will be repeated at each register, starting with the one furthest from the main line. The debris will be removed from the main line using the cleaning machine, and then the whole process will be repeated on either the supply or return side of the system—whichever one was not done first.
You can start reaping the rewards of cleaner indoor air today by arranging duct cleaning services from Atticare. We provide a wide range of services to protect your home and family, including attic insulation removal and rodent proofing in San Francisco. To learn more, please call (888) 463-5913.


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