Answering Questions About Attic Insulation

Once the time has come to install new attic insulation, you may have several different questions. Different terms, such as R-value, blown-in insulation, and many more can become confusing, especially if you do not know much about your insulation. Continue reading for some simple answers to common questions about attic insulation.

What does R-value mean?

R-value is a term used to measure how well a material resists the travel of heat flow. The higher the number, the better insulated a product is considered. Though R-value should not be the only determining factor when choosing attic insulation, it is a number that is important. Depending on the type of insulation you receive, as well as the size of your house and attic, the recommended R-value may fluctuate.

Can I add new insulation to old insulation?

Yes, new insulation can be added to old insulation. However, this is only possible once certain requirements have been met. Potential mold growth is the most important concern when adding new insulation over old. Your attic insulation installers must check the current insulation to be sure it is not wet, has never been wet, and has not been subject to mold during its lifetime. Once it is confirmed there is no mold growth, new insulation can be added, as long as it does not cover attic vents or rafter vents.

What type of insulation should I add?

There are several types of attic insulation materials, including cellulose and fiberglass. Within the different insulation materials, there are several methods of installing insulation, such as blown-in or laid. Depending on your insulation requirements, budget, and attic design, your insulation installers will help you determine the correct insulation to add to your home.

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