How Your Attic Helps With Temperature Regulation All Year Long

Your attic is more than a convenient place for storage. It provides your home with a year-round temperature regulator. A sound attic and efficient attic insulation can keep your home more energy efficient and make it more comfortable for the family all year long.

It Keeps the House Cool During the Summer

Summer is in full swing now, so that means you are running your air conditioner and fans, trying your best to keep the cool air in and the hot air outside. Your attic is integral to this process, though you may rarely think about it. The attic is another layer that can help block the sun and protect the rest of the house from the heat it generates. The attic insulation is also helping to keep the cool air in the house. If you notice your house does not seem as cool as it used to, or you wonder if it could be cooler, then look into replacing your attic insulation. Your insulation may need to be replaced or bolstered with a higher R-value, which refers to the amount of thermal resistance in a material.

It Keeps the House Warm During the Winter

With proper attic insulation during the winter, your heater may not have to work as hard to heat your home. It is a well-known fact that heat rises. Without the right insulation, your heater could be heating the attic and leaving the rest of the house very chilly. If your attic is well-insulated, then it helps to block that rising heat from entering the attic. The insulation keeps the heat down in the house, where it belongs. Without any attic, as well as the insulation it can provide, warm air would simply rise and dissipate out of the house.

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