Attic Insulation San Francisco

Attic insulation is one of the most beneficial upgrades you can make to your home, since it will offer a significant payoff in your energy bills for years to come. If your house is too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, you may need new attic insulation to minimize the demand on your home’s heating and cooling systems. The attic is one of the top spots for heat loss at home, but the right insulation can provide increased comfort and up to 30% savings on your energy bills. To explore the best insulation options for your San Francisco area home, connect with Atticare’s Bay Area location. Read on for more information that will help you get started on your attic insulation project in San Francisco, Oakland, or the surrounding communities.

Attic Insulation Options

Whether you are reinsulating a finished attic or starting from scratch, Atticare can offer the right solution for a more energy-efficient home. Insulation of all types is sold with an R-value, which indicates the effectiveness of the insulation in terms of heat flow resistance. In the Bay Area, insulation with an R-value of R30-R60 is recommended for uninsulated attics.

  • Blanket – Blanket insulation is the most common and readily available. It is made from a number of flexible fibers including natural fibers, fiberglass, and plastic. Because this type of insulation is sold in long rolled sheets, it is best for unfinished walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Blown In – When you are working with retrofits, finished walls, or hard-to-reach areas, loose-fill insulation is an ideal option. Special equipment is used to blow in this small particle insulation, which may be made from foam, fiber, or cellulose.

Outdated Insulation Removal

If your current attic insulation has been damaged by mold, rodent infestation, or insects, it needs to be removed before new insulation can be installed. Removing contaminated insulation is an important improvement for your home, since damaged insulation can cause structural damage or contain contaminants that may threaten the health of your family.

Benefits of New Insulation

When you do choose to upgrade your insulation with Atticare, you will notice increased warmth in your home accompanied by lower energy bills all year round. With proper installation, your attic insulation may also protect from unwanted invaders such as mice, insects, and rats.

New insulation will also improve the indoor air quality and will improve your home acoustics. 

To schedule an onsite inspection for your attic in San Francisco, call Atticare at 1-888-743-7243. We have locations throughout California and New Jersey providing exceptional service with 12 years of experience and a record of continued customer satisfaction.