Reasons Why Your Home May Be Hot

Reasons Why Your Home May Be Hot

Whether your attic insulation needs updating or you need an air duct replacement in San Francisco, minor tweaks to your home can be the difference between a comfortable summer or a miserably hot one. Read on to learn why your home may be hot.

Proper air flow is important for a cooling system to work correctly. Making sure that your air ducts are clean and functioning correctly can reduce the heat in your home. Also, your house may be leaking in hot air. If the heat is not coming from appliances used within the home, check to see if your attic needs insulating, as proper insulation will keep hot air outside.

If you are looking to keep the hot air outside your home this season, call AttiCare at 1 1-888-743-7243. Our staff is specialized in air duct maintenance and attic insulation installation.

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