The Benefits Of Air Duct Sealing & Cleaning

What Clean Air Ducts Can Do For Your Home

Ductwork is an important component of your home’s heating, venting, and air conditioning system because it’s a means by which filtered air circulates through your home. In the average house, air ducts are usually hidden behind walls and ceilings, as well as under attic insulation. Therefore, most homeowners tend to forget that they’re even there and neglect to maintain them, causing problems to arise.

For example, if you live in a humid area, moisture can stagnate within air ducts and encourage mold to grow. Debris and dust can accumulate in pipes and clog them—not to mention, your venting system can distribute potential allergens in the debris throughout your home. Ductwork can also be an inviting place for rodents to live in during the wintertime. This reason alone should be more than enough to convince you to hire a professional to inspect and clean your ducts.

If some of the rooms in your home feel too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter despite the use of air conditioning and heating, you should consider air duct repair. The use of additional attic insulation could also help improve the situation, but more than likely, you can utilize air duct repair serving San Francisco to make your home more comfortable. Here are some of the other benefits of having the air ducts in your home sealed properly.

Improved Air Quality

If you have an air duct system that is not sealed properly, there are a number of foreign substances that can work their way into your system and circulate throughout your home. Even something as simple as dust can end up shooting out of the vents in your home as a result of a leaky system that needs air duct repair.

Safer Air

Many of the gas-operated appliances in your home, such as your hot water heater and your dryer, produce gases like carbon dioxide. If these gases are able to sneak into your air duct system through cracks, you could unknowingly distribute them throughout your home and put yourself at risk for serious health problems.

Lower Energy Bills

If the hot or cold air that is being blown through your air duct system is leaking out at certain points, your furnace or air conditioner will need to work harder to produce more of it. This will cost you a lot more money in the long run than a simple air duct repair would.

Environmentally Friendly Energy Use

The longer you need to run your furnace or air conditioner, the more pollution you are ultimately creating. By finding ways to run your HVAC system less, you will be doing your part to help reduce pollution overall.

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Commons Signs of Air Duct Contamination

When the air ducts in your attic become moldy, clogged with debris and dirt, or infested with rats or mice, you may need to have them cleaned out. Air duct replacement or cleaning is one of the many aspects of attic clean up that is easy to postpone but essential to keeping your home safe and sound. Read on to learn more about deciding to have your air ducts professionally cleaned.


If you are starting to have certain symptoms, like dryness and irratation in your eye, nose, throat and skin, headaches, fatigue, hypersensitivity, and nausea, among others, it is time to get your air ducts cleaned. Those symptoms are definitive signs that you are overdue for a duct cleaning. Once your air ducts have been thoroughly inspected and cleaned, you will notice a significant difference. Duct cleaning services will improve air flow and eliminate allergens and airborne contaminants such as mold, fungus, dust, and debris.

Visible Mold

If you can see mold growth on your air ducts, in your attic vents, or on other parts of your home’s heating and cooling system, it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned out. Mold can spread quickly throughout your home’s structure, weakening and damaging it. Plus, mold spores in the air can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks in individuals with weak respiratory systems. Having your moldy air ducts cleaned out can prevent the spread of mold and improve your home’s air quality. Keep in mind that insulated air ducts with insulation that has become wet and moldy cannot be effectively cleaned—you’ll likely need to have these air ducts replaced.

Mold is a dangerous toxicant that can seriously affect health. When investigating mold in your HVAC system, many sections may not be easily accessible for a visible inspection. If mold is discovered in your air duct, immediate action must be taken to either clean the vent or institute a complete clean out of the environment. Mold can be eliminated from ducts if it has attached itself to a hard surface. If, however, it has grown within the duct’s built-in insulation after they have gotten wet, it cannot be effectively cleaned and should be replaced immediately. Afterwards, it is important that a thorough examination occurs to prevent the mold from recurring.

Pest Infestation

Another condition that suggests you should have your air ducts cleaned out or even replaced by a professional attic clean up service is if they become infested with pests. Rodents such as rats and mice, or even insects, can get into your air ducts and cause significant damage. Plus, they can leave behind unhygienic residue, increasing the levels of bacteria in the air. If you have signs of a rodent or insect infestation in your home, be sure to have your air ducts checked and cleaned.

Rodents and other critters love the warm air inside ducts and use it as a shelter and as a highway through your home. Noticing reduced air flow and longer run times on your unit may be signs of significant air flow issues within your HVAC system. If you notice holes in your air ducts and other signs of rodents, call an exterminator, then call Atticare.

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The Importance Of Having Regularly Cleaned Air Ducts

Sick building syndrome” is a growing national air quality concern, affecting employees and residents alike, with unhealthy ventilation typically precipitating the illness.

According to The HVAC Inspection, Maintenance and Restoration Association (NADCA), a typical six-room home generates up to 40 pounds of dust annually. Air circulates through your HVAC system about 5-7 times a day, pulling in harmful bacteria that are unsafe for your health and environment. Your allergies may be entirely attributable to dust and not having clean air ducts.

Clean Ducts Keep You Healthy and Save You Money

It does not take much for dust, pollutants, mold, and other contaminants to build-up in your air duct system. Just everyday living and working can cause dust and chemicals to circulate through your air duct system. As they cycle through the air ducts multiple times a day, everyday, these contaminants can build-up. Cleaning your ducts can help to make sure you are not breathing in these contaminants as they push air in and out as the building heats and cools.

According to a study from the University of Florida, improperly maintained ducts lose up to 40 percent of the energy used for heating or cooling. Contaminants in the heating and cooling system cause it to work harder and shorten the life of your system. Atticare is known as the expert in duct cleaning. Applying an array of sophisticated technology, Atticare utilizes industrial equipment for exceptional cleaning. Once cleaned, our hospital grade sanitizer, which destroys 99.9% of bacteria, is applied for decontamination. Contact us today to remove your home’s bacteria and increase your air quality.

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