What You Can’t See – Can Hurt You

An attic is a functional space that provides storage and often serves as a living area or extra bedroom. When you clean an attic, it is important to rid the area of irritants and allergens that could affect the room’s air quality. If the attic hasn’t been cleaned for several months, you may want to wear a protective mask while you clean. If you see any mold, you need to seal any cracks in your roof with caulk and treat the mold. With signs of serious mold, hire a professional to treat the problem.

Keeping Irritants Out of Your Attic:

Preventing mold growth and sealing out insects and vermin helps reduce irritants in your attic.

Mold: Small roof leaks and old, cracked caulking can let in moisture, which may lead to mold damage. Once a year, and after each big storm, walk around your home to inspect your roof from all angles. Repair any loose, missing, or broken shingles. Check windows for missing caulking or cracked panes.

Don’t bother buying a home mold test kit, which may register mold spores that are constantly in the air anyway. If you suspect mold, or find an area of mold larger than 10 feet square, call a certified indoor air quality professional to evaluate your situation.

Dust: Many of those tiny dust mites you see floating around are really dust mite particles, roach parts, and vermin dander made of dried saliva, urine, and feces.

These dust proteins can trigger allergic reactions, so search for tiny cracks and openings in your roof, walls, and windows where vermin and insects can enter. Seal attic air leaks with caulk and polyurethane foam, and repair any holes in attic ventilation screens that are under the eaves and in gable ends.

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