Commercial Services

Atticare has 10 years commercial insulation experience that is unmatched in its service areas. Atticare provides commercial insulation installation services in the Bay Area (CA), the greater Los Angeles Area (CA), and northern New Jersey (operating out of Secaucus).

Insulation is a good way to make your building more energy-efficient. The right insulation can do more than help you lower your energy bills. Business owners can reap the benefits of good insulation year-round:

  • Increased comfort within your establishment
  • Interior and exterior noise barriers
  • Cooling and heating expense reduction
  • Reduced monthly energy bills
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Added fire protection
  • Repels bugs and insects
  • Increased resale value

Wherever your business operates – offices, warehouses, commercial buildings, multi-family homes, or duplexes -Atticare contractors really know what it takes to perform a high quality work in the most cost-effective way. Before specifying the insulation system for any project, Atticare will work with you to prioritize the reason for insulating, and then determine the appropriate insulation to achieve the primary goal.


Many contractors will under-estimate the commercial jobs because they do not take into account the many unexpected costs involved. This can lead to costly delays, overages, or they may abandon the job all together!

Don’t get stuck in the middle of a project. Atticare draws on its years of experience to guarantee an accurate estimate with no surprises at the most affordable rates. We are committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. As your partner, we want to provide you with the resources you require, in order to help you make the most informed decisions.

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