Examining The Steps Of Cleaning Up Crawlspace Moisture

Examining The Steps Of Cleaning Up Crawlspace Moisture

There’s more to keeping your home safe and mold-free than attic cleanup; you also have to consider what’s below your house. If you are experiencing moisture issues in your home, you may need to examine and clean up your crawlspace. Read on to learn the simple steps of cleaning up crawlspace moisture.

Step 1: Inspecting the Area

The first thing you need to do is find a way into the crawl space. Often, there is a small door through the foundation on the exterior of the home, though some homes have an interior trapdoor. If you cannot find a way in, contact a professional. Once you are in, take a look around. You should look for water, mold, or damp insulation. These are all signs of crawlspace moisture.

Step 2: Removing Affected Materials

First, remove all the debris and insulation. Be careful to take safety precautionswhen dealing with these materials. Next, you need to get any standing water out by using a sump pump. Finally, remove all contaminants such as mold or asbestos. It is wise to contact a crawlspace and attic clean up professional to advise or assist you in proper removal of these contaminants.

Step 3: Eliminating Moisture

Set up a dehumidifier and place several fans around your crawlspace. Direct the fans on damp areas around the walls, floor and ceiling. These will help to increase the dehumidification rate by improving airflow.

Step 4: Maintaining Low Moisture

Addressing any drainage issues is the first step to maintaining low moisture in your crawlspace. Also, since most crawlspaces have dirt floors, a considerable amount of moisture can be prevented with the addition of a crawlspace vapor barrier. To find out if vapor barrier insulation is needed in your home, consult a professional insulation installation service.

If you are concerned that you may have crawlspace moisture, do not hesitate to call the professionals at Atticare. We are skilled at crawlspace cleanup in San Francisco. To discuss your crawlspace moisture concerns, contact us today at 1 1-888-743-7243.

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