Getting The Facts About Attic Insulation

Many people may not know exactly what attic insulation does for their homes, or how it can save on energy costs. When an insulation installer starts throwing out foreign terms like R-value and fiberglass, don’t let your eyes glaze over. Do your research so you can decide if you’re getting the best insulation at the right cost.

Equal R-Value

R-value is the term for thermal resistance, which means how well the insulation resists heat flow. The higher R-value of your insulation, the greater efficiency it has in heat resistance. Insulation’s R-value depends on the material, and the thickness and density of that material. If the attic insulation is compressed, perhaps by heavier insulation, it won’t retain the full R-value. Consult your attic insulation installer to learn more about the best insulations with the highest R-value.

Different Materials

There are a variety of insulation products from blown in insulation to radiant barrier insulation. Which you choose depends on the needs of your home or building, as well as your insulation installer’s recommendation.

Blown in insulation is considered one of the optimal choices in attic insulation. An installer uses a large hose and machine to blow in small chunks of either cellulose, fiberglass, or rock wool. Blown in insulation is great if the attic is oddly shaped or has a lot of obstructions, such as vents or wires. With the blown in option, your attic will have more protection and coverage, which results in much better insulation.

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