A Homeowner’s Guide To Insulation

As a homeowner, it’s very important to select the right type of attic insulation and invest in professional attic insulation installation. High quality attic insulation will maintain the comfort of your home and maximize its energy efficiency. Here is a homeowner’s guide to attic insulation, including its purpose and how to select the right kind for your home.

The Benefits of Insulation

Attic insulation prevents outside air from entering your home. It also prevents the air from your heating or cooling system from escaping. The proper attic insulation will ensure that your home maintains a comfortable temperature. Because heat rises, attic insulation is crucial to prevent heat from simply escaping your home through cracks and crevices in your attic. Attic insulation installation will also lower your yearly energy bills by 20-30%.

How to Select Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is measured by its R-Value, or its ability to resist heat flow. The higher your insulation’s R-Value, the better it is at insulating. Attic insulation, crawlspace insulation, and basement insulation all have different recommended R-Values. The R-Value you need for your attic insulation also depends upon your regional weather. The R-Value that Energy Star recommends for the average attic insulation is R-38. In colder climates, an R-Value of R-49 is recommended. When you hire a professional for attic insulation installation, ask the contractor what R-Value of insulation he intends on using.

Further Improving Your Insulation

You can further improve your attic insulation and the energy efficiency of your home, you can install weatherstripping in your attic. Weatherstripping seals the edges of windows and doors, preventing cold air from entering and hot air from escaping. High quality weatherstripping can withstand friction, changes in temperature, UV rays, and typical wear and tear.

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