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Keep your home comfortable all year round!

As a homeowner, a faulty or underperforming HVAC unit can make your interior environment feel miserable. It’s even worse when this crucial system stops functioning altogether. Some common HVAC issues include:

  • Unexplained changes in your monthly energy bill
  • Unusual noises such as grinding or squealing
  • Dust, dirt and other debris accumulating faster throughout the house, a sign of poor ventilation
  • Cracks in components or leaks
  • A miscalibrated thermostat

Typically, a professional can swap a few wires and parts to get your system back up and running. However, persistent problems with your unit, expensive repairs or being outside the manufacturer’s warranty can prove difficult. Consider an HVAC replacement from Atticare to solve lingering trouble with an aging system.


HVAC Replacement for Comfortable and More Energy Efficient Homes

Every year the climate in the world is getting warmer and warmer, therefore, installing a new air conditioning system might be a high-priority if you want to be more comfortable in your home.

Installing a new heating and cooling system is not something you do every day, and it’s essential that you choose a system that gives you the best return on investment but also tailored to your budget and needs.

Most HVAC units have a lifespan of a little over a decade, but that can ultimately be shorter if you don’t keep up with maintenance. If your heating and cooling system is over 10 years old, chances are the furnace works extra hard to keep your home comfortable, and the energy bills are higher than they should be.

Once those 15 to 20 years of expected service life are up, the unit’s performance starts to dwindle. It might be the time to upgrade your system and our certified experts would love to help!


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Should You Repair or Replace Your HVAC System?

Determining whether to get your existing unit fixed or install a new one is a different decision for every homeowner. It will primarily involve your finances and how comfortable you feel with your residence’s air temperature. Evaluate these factors with a professional to understand if you need a repair or replacement: 

  • Age of the unit: The older your unit, the less efficient it will run and the more interruptions you can expect. You might have recently moved into your home and aren’t sure how long the HVAC system has been there, or maybe its warranty has expired. Atticare can discuss an effective replacement that is sure to give you quality heating and cooling for years to come.
  • Frequent repairs: An easy one-time fix by a handyman such as a clog or a new belt will certainly cost less than a whole HVAC replacement. When you have to keep requesting repairs every few months, however, the costs can quickly pile up.
  • Cost of repairs: We recommend investing in a new system if you’re going to pay around 50% of the price of a replacement unit for one repair.

Replacement of the Entire A/C System

It is recommended when replacing one part of the system, whether the HVAC compressor or the air handler, to update both systems and, at a minimum, have the ductwork inspected in case it needs replacing. Although only one part of your system may need replacing, it’s recommended that you replace the entire system to maintain maximum system efficiency. Replacing the entire HVAC system means spending more money upfront but you’ll save money in the long run because your entire HVAC unit will be in sync.


Benefits of Updating Your Old HVAC System

  • Decrease heating and cooling costs by up to 60%: You can slash your electricity bills every month when your air conditioning or furnace runs less often. Most homeowners will find their investment quickly begins paying for itself.
  • Improve and regulate indoor temperature control: Say goodbye to hot or cool spots that you could never seem to solve within your living space — you can maintain a consistent temperature in each room.
  • Get rid of mold, mildew and odors caused by an old air conditioning unit: Are you noticing a stuffy smell? A new system can help manage the dampness in your environment that could potentially lead to harmful mold growth
  • Become more energy efficient and lower your carbon footprint: An updated HVAC unit is a primary factor in achieving an eco-friendly home since you’re using less power to operate it.
  • Improve the air quality in your home: You’ll breathe easier and feel refreshed with a new system that reduces floating particles. This is especially valuable if you have loved ones who are sensitive to allergens and other airborne contaminants.

Why Choose Atticare for HVAC Replacement and Installation?

It’s simple — Atticare has years of renowned experience installing HVAC systems and keeping residential attics efficient and safe. In addition, we’ve gathered significant expertise providing air sealing, duct cleaning and duct repair services for homes such as yours. Because we’re also a network of insulation installers, we’re knowledgeable about modern solutions to save energy and have expert certifications to show for it.

HVAC units are instrumental in sustaining good air quality and comfort within the home. That’s why we’ll do everything we can to promote safety while working around your property. Whether we’re performing a home inspection or an installation, our trained staff comes dressed in protective gear for sanitary purposes. We’ll also hang plastic coverings to partition the rest of your home from the route we use to access the attic. For each HVAC service job we complete, we leave your home as tidy as when we entered it.


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