Improving Home’s Air Flow With Duct Cleaning

Winter is over, and summer will be here soon. Now is a perfect time to have a regular check-up on the air conditioning system, and, more importantly the air ducts connecting the air conditioner throughout the rest of the home. Having annual air duct maintenance performed is extremely important for a number of reasons. It can help to ensure that the air conditioning system doesn’t lose efficiency as time goes by.

During their annual visits, professional technicians from the attic cleaning service AttiCare will be able to spot any problem areas of air ducts that seem to be wearing out too quickly or are leaking. Attending to these types of issues before they actually manifest themselves in the form of performance problems can save you both time and money.

These minor repairs are much less costly than the larger ones that might be needed if the problem was allowed to persist. When the air conditioner is switched on and works, but it does not cool down there home, there is probably a problem in the distribution system. The services of the attic insulation installers at AttiCare should be used for almost all maintenance jobs.

Throughout the year, humidity rises and lowers as the temperature goes up and down. With every change that occurs, so do the moisture levels in the ductwork. That’s when those particles start to stick on the insides of the ducts. If too much moisture begins to gather, mold can begin to form within the pipes as well. The air being breathed by those living in the home is filtered through that system and all of that build-up and filth every day.

The air ducts in the home are a vital component of an HVAC system. They provide the route for circulating air to every room in the house. When air passes through this system, large amounts of dust, dirt, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, and many other irritants within the ducts fall and remain trapped in the ducts. Over the years, this debris can buildup and begin to negatively impact the home’s indoor air quality with every cycle of the furnace and air conditioner.

The air duct cleaning machine will remove all the bacteria and fungi, making sure that the ducts will remain clean for the months to come. While other companies will only offer you superficial cleaning, just to feel the smells and odors a few days later, the attic cleaning San Francisco providers at AttiCare use the latest devices and solutions that will clean the surfaces effectively, and that will also make sure that the dust and impurities won’t be able to fix on the duct walls once more. Clean air ducts and furnaces are safer, more cost effective and energy efficient than a system struggling to operate under layers of dirt and debris.


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