Jack’s Attic Cleaning Story

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Jack’s Attic Cleaning Story

Jack’s attic insulation was contaminated by years of squirrel activity

We recently had the opportunity to assist in an attic restoration for our customer, Jack.In a story we have heard many times before, Jack had worked with another contractor who gave him a world of headache. He also missed some major issues, like all the rodent activity, which he just covered up with new insulation, and we found some evidence of mold. (Eek!)
When we showed up, Jack was at his wits end and did not have the time or energy to deal with any more incompetence.
At 2700 square feet, Jack’s attic is one of the larger ones we have worked on. The attic clean up requiring a full-team and a full day to complete. In total, we removed all 50 yards of contaminated insulation, complete with three dead animals, mold spores, and excrement (Yuck). Jack also had several pipes and electrical access points that the squirrels were using as a super highway.

Sebastian, getting into some tight spots.

After the initial cleaning, we proceeded to vacuum and bleach everything to eliminate the bacteria and the odor. We used Concrobiun to kill the mold. We also had to maneuver around some tight spaces, including two nooks that were didn’t see in our initial investigation. We actually had to disconnect the air ducts so that we could get the vacuum into all the corners.Fortunately, Sebastian, one of our technicians was able to squeeze back there. At 5’2, he was the best man for the job. (Truthfully, he was the only man for the job. He was a great sport about it!)
After a thorough cleaning and disinfecting, that attic was ready for new insulation. We used installation with a high R-Value, or thermal resistance (level 30) for the exposed areas and r-13 grade insulation within the attic rooms. To make sure those pesky squirrels couldn’t bother Jack again, we used wire mesh to block attic vents to allow air flow but to prevent critters from re-entry.
Jack was impressed with the dramatic change in his attic.

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