A Look At Atticare Services

Even if you don’t have a finished attic, you shouldn’t neglect attic maintenance. Every home with an attic will need periodic attic clean up and duct repair. You should also have a professional evaluate the state of your attic insulation.

At Atticare, we provide all the essential services your attic needs. We can install vapor barrier and radiant barrier insulation, we provide air duct repair service, and even attic clean up. Also, we are rodent proofing specialists, and we can seal your attic to prevent these pests from entering through the small holes and cracks that can develop over time. In addition to our attic services, we also provide crawl space cleaning and crawlspace floor insulation.

At the very least, you should schedule an annual attic inspection with a professional to make sure that your attic is in good shape. You can schedule an inspection in San Francisco with Atticare by calling 1-866-692-5449today.


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