A Look At The Importance Of Attic Maintenance

Attics can be very useful spaces, potentially providing large areas in homes for storage or to be converted into additional living spaces. Regardless of its functional purpose, your attic needs to be properly maintained to ensure maximum energy efficiency for itself and your entire home. For peace of mind, you should schedule an inspection with your local attic maintenance company. A trained professional can carefully assess your attic space and inspect for inadequate attic insulation, existing gaps or loose seals, ventilation issues, and rodent activity.

Attic Insulation Is Crucial

Because poorly insulated attics can absorb and retain large amounts of heat during the summer and lose the same amounts of heat in the winter, it’s crucial to have your attic proper insulated. Whether you decide to use fiberglass or cellulose batting, or blown-in insulation, be sure you’re familiar with R-values—essentially, the number rating based on an insulation’s thickness. Don’t install insulation that has a lower R-value than what you need. In the case of blown-in insulation, save yourself time and from headaches by hiring a trained technician to perform the job—loose insulation can be very messy to work with, evenly distribute, and gauge its R-value.

Keep Attic Vents Clear

All attics need to be properly vented. Attic vents allow fresh air to enter and move through attic spaces, pushing stale air outside. Air that stagnates in an attic, especially moist air, can create the perfect environment for mold and mildew infestation in warm climates and ice dams in cold ones. That’s why it’s important to keep vents clear of obstructions like attic insulation.

Bringing In the Professionals

When in doubt, take advantage of the comprehensive attic clean up services that most reputable attic maintenance companies provide. Professional cleaners have the tools and the know how to get the job done right.

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