Squirrel Proofing Your Home

Attics make great hiding places for squirrels, whether they’re seeking a retreat from predators or cold weather. However, once inside your attic or crawlspace, they can create chaos, meaning lengthy and costly repairs down the road. At Atticare, we believe the best way to keep squirrels and other rodents out of your attic is to squirrel-proof your home. To learn more about our rodent exclusion services, call our highly skilled team today at 866-692-5449.

Keep Rodents Out With Squirrel Proofing

Squirrels can enter attics and crawlspaces through very small holes, vents and chimney pipes. Once inside, they become a danger to your home and health by damaging building materials, whether they’re gnawing on boards and electrical wires or disturbing and contaminating insulation. With rodent exclusion services from Atticare, our trained professionals will find areas where squirrels can gain access into and out of your home and then fill in those spots with mesh or expandable foam to keep the pesky critters out.

If your home has suffered damage from squirrels, Atticare can provide additional rodent control services. We’ll safely remove carcasses and animal droppings and sanitize the contaminated area using a disinfectant. Our licensed and insured team will then replace any damaged insulation, leaving your attic as if the initial squirrel infiltration issue never existed.

Rodent Exclusion Services for California and New Jersey

Ensure a safe, clean and energy-efficient home free from destructive squirrels with rodent exclusion services from Atticare. For over 15 years, our professionally trained team has been helping Greater Los Angeles, North Jersey and San Francisco Bay Area homeowners and business owners with rodent exclusion and their attic and crawlspace cleaning needs. To learn more about our rodent control services or for free advice, contact us today.

Squirrel on the roof- Wallington, NJ- Atticare