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Rodent Proofing in Your New Jersey Home

Have you recently checked your crawl space? Does your home smell or are there strange noises coming from your attic? Well, you may be in for a shock. Attics and crawl spaces can become a home for insects, bats, rats and raccoons. These animals can contaminate your home with microbes which can make your family sick.

Rodents also cause physical damage. They eat and chew on anything that comes their way, be it pipes, eaves, PVC and even electrical wires that may be present in your attic and crawl space. Rodents can chew the thermal insulation, which can result in increased heating costs.


How We Can Help

At Atticare, we offer the best rodent proofing solutions to ensure you have the healthiest and most energy-efficient home possible.

Our skilled technicians are highly experienced in all crawl space and attic rodent proofing solutions. Hire Atticare to get rid of your attic or crawl space’s unwanted pests, and we’ll eliminate rodent traces that may attract other rodents back to your home.

Attic and Crawl Space Rodent Proofing Service Company New Jersey

Our Process of Rodent Proofing

When you contact Atticare for rodent proofing services, you should expect to get the services of highly trained technicians who are experts in the following services:

  • Inspection: We carry out a thorough inspection to identify rodent activity in your home. We look for droppings, tracks, burrows, nests and odor to tell if there are rodents present. We also root out any conditions that may be conducive to rodents.
  • Identify and Eliminate Entry Points: The technicians will determine all points of entry where rodents may be entering your home. They will then work to seal any entrances and prevent them from any return visits.
  • Decontamination: To kill bacteria, microbes and fungi, and to keep your home free from diseases, we’ll sanitize the attic and crawl space. Sanitizing will also get rid of the pheromones to prevent more rodents from coming back to your home.
  • Recommendations: After the rodent proofing exercise, we make recommendations on the best way to keep your property free from pests. This includes destroying harborages and practicing property sanitation to remove the resources that rodents need to survive.

To keep your mind at ease, we offer a 1-year warranty to assure you that our team properly sealed any entry points.

Your Caring Partner!

Atticare is a reputable attic and crawl space rodent proofing company in New Jersey. We want to see our customers living in a healthy environment that is free from troublesome rodents.

To help us achieve this goal, we have a team of highly trained technicians who are passionate about improving the quality of your crawl space and attic. They’re willing to work with you from start to finish to ensure they provide first-class quality rodent removal and proofing services.

Get in touch with us at 1-201-499-7441 to schedule a free inspection today.

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