Cooling – Ventilation – Energy saving

At Atticare we believe our customers deserve to be comfortable in their homes. QuietCool whole house fan will help to improve the air quality in your home while saving money on your energy bills.

A whole house fan is a fan installed in the attic, designed to cool and ventilate the entire living space. The fan pulls cool air from the outside into the home through the windows, cooling and ventilating the living space and flushing the heat out of the attic.

The cooling effect and the great savings on energy bills are what typically draws people to the fan, but the true value lies in the amazing ventilation and great improvement in the indoor air quality it provides- a QuietCool fan ventilates cooking & pet odors, pet dander, steam, smoke, and common germs year round, but particularly in the winter season when indoor air quality is often at its worst.