Intrusive Rodent Species Identified


Attic pests can ravage your attic or crawlspace, whether they’re gnawing on electrical wires or chewing holes through housing materials. A wide range of intrusive rodent species choose to live in the attics of homes, including rats, mice, bats, raccoons, possums and squirrels. If you hear scurrying or scraping noises coming from your attic or crawlspace, contact Atticare’s rodent exclusion professionals to remove unwanted pests, clean contaminated areas and rodent-proof your home.


Rats can cause extensive damage to electrical wires, insulation and wall cavities and present health risks to you and your family. It’s important to seal off holes to keep these smaller rodents out.


Like rats, mice can also set up shop in your attic or crawlspace, scavenging for soft materials or finely shredded paper to build a nest.


A common attic and crawlspace pest, bats can enter your home through extremely small gaps. Besides being a carrier for rabies, bats also present a health danger because of bat guano, or bat droppings.


As excellent climbers, raccoons can enter your attic, clear out insulation for a sleeping area and find areas to raise their young. Raccoons may also shred vent ducts, roofing or wallpaper and chew electrical wires.


A carrier for bovine tuberculosis, as well as pathogens and parasites, possums can cause damage to ducts and insulation when they climb inside your attic through open vents or eave gaps.


Squirrels can gain entry to attics through any small hole and may even chew the opening for easier access. Once inside, these common attic pests will gnaw on wood and electrical wires.

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