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  • Enter the surface area of the space where insulation is to be upgraded.
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  • The dollar saving in fuel cost for the first year.
  • The dollar saving in fuel costs for the first 10 years, assuming a 10% increase in fuel cost each year.
  • If electricity is the fuel, it is assumed it is generated in a coal fired power plant.

* This calculator is designed to provide approximate estimated potential savings. Actual savings can vary depending on many factors like fuel cost, building structure, and other variables. A professional energy audit is the most accurate way to estimate potential savings for energy-efficient home improvements.

What is Degree Day?

Degree days are measures of how cold or warm a location is. A degree day compares the mean (the average of the high and low) outdoor temperatures recorded for a location to a standard temperature, usually 65¬įFahrenheit (F) in the United States. The more extreme the outside temperature, the higher the number of degree days. A high number of degree days generally results in higher levels of energy use for space heating or cooling. Read more