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Atticare is protecting the environment by Reducing energy consumption.

How we do it?

Electricity is created by coal-fired power plants that generate emission of toxic gases like carbon dioxide (Co2) into the air.

In Atticare we are helping to protect the environment by offering services that reducing energy consumption and as a result reducing emission of toxic gases.

Our Mission

In 2018 we saved $1,406,058 in energy bills and 12,782,350 Ibs on emission of gases .

In 2019 we saved $1,606,068 in energy bills and 14,681,550 Ibs on emission of gases .

Our goal for 2020 is to save our clients over $2 million dollars in energy bills and 15 million Ibs on emission of gasses. 

Savings calculator

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  • Enter the surface area of the space where insulation is to be upgraded.
  • The dollar saving in fuel cost for the first year.
  • The dollar saving in fuel costs for the first 10 years, assuming a 10% increase in fuel cost each year.
  • If electricity is the fuel, it is assumed it is generated in a coal fired power plant.

* This calculator is designed to provide approximate estimated potential savings. Actual savings can vary depending on many factors like fuel cost, building structure, and other variables. A professional energy audit is the most accurate way to estimate potential savings for energy-efficient home improvements.