Setting Your Vents For Proper Air Flow

Attic insulation isn’t the only element in your attic that can promote temperature control. Setting your attic vents for proper air flow is also important for maintaining proper air circulation and an appropriate temperature in your attic.

There are two types of vents in your attic—roof vents, which allow air to come in from outside, and rafter vents, which let inside air out. Roof vents are typically installed at the same time as the roof. However, additional roof vents can be installed later if you are having problems with air ventilation and temperature control in your attic. Additional rafter vents can also be installed during the attic insulation installation process. Without a sufficient number of these vents, your home’s energy efficiency will suffer, and the indoor temperature will be more difficult to control. Finally, be sure to check that your attic vents are properly sealed around the edges in order to promote rodent control in your home.

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