Spotlight On Ice Damming

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Spotlight On Ice Damming

Icicles hanging down off your roof might look pretty in the wintertime, but they can also spell serious trouble for your roofing, gutters, and more. In order to eliminate them, you need to make sure you have enough attic insulation installed and add the proper attic vents to your home. Simply adding attic vents and keeping the air in your attic circulating at all times can prevent ice dams from forming in the first place.

Ice dams are created when pockets of cold air get trapped inside of the eaves in your attic. This cold air allows snow and water to freeze on your roof and in your gutters. By adding new attic insulation to your home and putting it an attic vent in the proper place, you can stop cold air from congregating in your attic’s eaves and eliminate ice damming from taking place.

Atticare knows how to help homeowners who are experiencing issues with ice damming. You can call 1-888-743-7243 to have your home’s attic inspected.

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