The Ultimate Guide To Ice Dams

Ice dams can be problematic for your home, and if you don’t fix them quickly, they can lead to costly repairs. Knowing why ice dams form on your home and what you can do to stop them can be helpful, however, and it can save you a great deal of time and money. Attic insulation can help prevent ice dams and protect your roof and household from serious damage. Keep reading for a look at the ultimate guide to ice dams.

Why Ice Dams Occur

When a rainstorm rolls through town, the shape of your roof becomes more important than ever. The pools of water that the storm leaves sitting on your roof may freeze over time, which can cause problems for your household. You should be particularly aware of this problem if you live in a colder climate with consistent precipitation, as these conditions can contribute to ice dams. Fortunately, there are ways you can avoid dealing with ice dams and enjoy a comfortable and efficient house.

How You Can Prevent Them

Ice dams can cause moisture to seep into your home, and this type of leak can lead to problems like water damage and mold growth. If you would like to prepare in advance and avoid these problems, consider looking into attic insulation. Insulating your attic helps to separate the exterior elements from the environment inside your home. Whether or not you decide to install attic insulation, you should check out your roof every once in a while to make sure it has not become home to ice dams.

Benefits of Insulation

Attic insulation can keep ice dams from affecting your home by preventing the moisture from reaching the inside. In doing so, attic insulation can also save you money on your energy bills and keep your home more comfortable. An attic insulation professional can help you avoid ice dams and make the most of your home.

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