Does Your Attic Insulation Need an Upgrade?

Does Your Attic Insulation Need an Upgrade?

You’ll have trouble keeping your indoor and outdoor air separated if you have poor attic insulation, which means you’ll lose efficiency and overwork your HVAC system. If saving money and making your AC and furnace last longer sounds appealing, watch this video on attic insulation upgrades.

Check the depth of your insulation with measuring tape. If it’s not deep enough, you can add cellulose insulation on top. Dump it across and use a leaf rake to spread it. Then you can lay fiberglass pad insulation over the surface, but make sure there’s no paper on it. Don’t store anything directly on the insulation or compress it, as this will make it ineffective.

Proper attic insulation serving San Francisco makes your home much more comfortable and efficient, so call Atticare at 1 (888) 743-7243. We can also help you with duct repair, crawl space insulation, and even rats in the attic.

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