Why You May Need New Rafter Vents

Why You May Need New Rafter Vents

The reason your attic insulation professionals install rafter vents is to allow proper air circulation through the attic. This air circulation allows for excess moisture to escape through the vents. By allowing proper air flow through your attic, you can reduce moisture buildup, mold, and other damage to your attic.

If you notice moisture has been building up in your attic or attic insulation, then you may need new rafter vents. Since the rafter vents allow air to circulate over the insulation and through the rest of the attic vents, moisture buildup will be one of your clearest signs the vents are failing. In addition to excess moisture, you may notice mold or mildew in your attic or attic insulation. If you see signs of mold, then have a professional in attic vent and air duct repair out soon. They will need to correct the problem, and then you can have mold removal addressed.

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