What Is Lurking In Your Crawlspace?

Have you ever looked inside your crawlspace? This is often a forgotten place in your house, but it holds many important components to your home. Crawlspaces usually contain your plumbing, electrical lines, vents, and other key components that make your home a comfortable place to live. But what else could be lurking there? Crawlspaces can become a dirty, rodent-infested area if not properly maintained. Read below to understand the benefits of rodent proofing your crawlspace.

What a nightmare to imagine rats in the attic nesting in your insulation and contaminating your ducts. What should you do when you find ruined insulation and animal droppings? As proper safety procedures are required when dealing with this sort of mess, it is best to leave it to a professional.

Even if you find no traces of rodents in your crawlspace, be proactive and consult a professional about rodent proofing. We will keep your house clean and safe with proper rodent control. To contact experts in rodent proofing near San Francisco, call Atticare at 1 1-866-692-5449.


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