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Up to $1000 In Cash???

Dear customers and friends,

This hot Christmas season we prepared a special gift for you and your loved ones! 

Every time you refer a friend for a roofing job, insulation job, or both jobs with Atticare, your friends will get 10% OFF their deal, and you will get up to $1000 in cash when their job is done. 

If anyone you know needs help with their roof or insulation, click the “GET GIFTS” button now and start getting your holiday gifts from us!

HURRY UP! This promotion will expire January 31, 2021.

Read more about Amanda's referral experience below.

GET $500

When your referral completes a roofing job.

GET $200

When your referral completes an insulation job.

OR GET $1000

When your referral completes both roofing and insulation jobs (extra $300!!)

It's So Simple!

1. Refer A Friend

Click the "GET GIFTS" button and list a friend for a 10% discount on insulation, roof, or both.

2. Get Cash

Once your friend's job is done, we will gift you $200, $500, or $1000 (depending on the job).

3. Start Over

Click the "GET GIFTS" button again, refer more friends and get more $$$!

Time is ticking


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Atticare replaced my leaking roof in November and I was extremely happy with the service.
Little did I know that by sharing my experience, this holiday season will be much better than I anticipated.

Atticare really did phenomenal work for us. Their professionalism and attention to detail were very impressive, so when a co-worker mentioned her roof has been leaking at one of our zoom meetings, I knew there was no one better for the job than Atticare. To my surprise, because she came through as a referral, she received 10% off her new roof (and trust me, that is a lot when you’re talking about a new roof) and I received a $500 check!!

There is no doubt 2020 has definitely been very tough, financially in particular - a roof replacement is not something we planned ahead for, and without the amazing financing terms Atticare was able to get us, I am not sure we would have been able to finally get this done. We honestly didn’t really have much left for the holidays and I cannot express how much this $500 token of appreciation meant for me and my family.
It really made a world of a difference for our little ones that’s for sure.

Thank you Atticare, we appreciate you!
Amanda S.
Roof Referral

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