Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor Barrier Installation

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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installations

A home is a place of comfort — somewhere you need to feel safe every day. That’s why you need the proper insulation for every corner of the house, including your storage crawl space. Atticare crawl space vapor barriers keep the gap between your home and ground dry and secure so you can foster a clean, healthy environment at a fair cost.

Why You May Need to Install or Replace a Vapor Barrier

If you are a homeowner, it is highly recommended to inspect your crawl space at least once a year.   In order to prevent moisture-related issues like mold, mildew and keep away termite and rodents, a Moisture barrier, also called vapor barrier is required.  At Atticare, we provide crawl space vapor barrier installation as part of our crawl space services and our goal is to make sure you have a healthy, energy-efficient home!

While the problems caused by moisture beneath your home or business are difficult to deal with on their own, the cumulative impact of these conditions can eventually result in structural damage and pose serious risks to your health. That’s why it’s so important to act right away if you notice any of the signs of excessive moisture in a crawl space, including:
  • Standing water in the crawl space
  • Insect and pest infestation
  • Bad or musty odors
  • Rotting wood on the ceiling of the crawl space
  • Warped or sagging floors
  • Rusted pipes in the crawl space
  • Observable mold or mildew

What Is a Vapor Barrier and How Does it Protect Your Home?

A crawl space beneath your home can cause all types of issues. A vapor barrier, which is a thin layer of impermeable material typically made from polyethylene sheeting, can block water from entering the crawl space and help prevent these issues and the associated damage they can cause.

A crawl space can be a great place to store tools, nonperishables and other items. However, it’s easy to forget about crawl spaces and let issues slide. Before you know it, you could have a crawl space filled with mold and pests.

When moisture evaporates from the soil, it can form condensation on the walls and ceiling of your crawl space. Eventually, this could lead to a number of problems, including mold, odors, insects and wood rot. In addition to the unpleasant smells, the vermin and other major inconveniences, excess moisture can cause health hazards. 

If you find that your allergies have worsened or you’re dealing with asthma-related issues at home, we recommend checking your crawl space for mold, mildew or other the signs of moisture listed above. Exposing yourself to harmful air contaminants over long periods can make it hard to breathe, and in some cases, lead to serious illness.

Installing a crawl space vapor barrier protects your space from absorbing moisture. This ensures that it stays a dry, safe place to store valuable items. Vapor barriers are quick to install if you’re working with the right experts. Combined with reliable waterproofing systems, vapor barriers can provide long-term security against contaminants and infestations. 

Why Install a Crawl Space Vapor Barrier With Atticare?

Maintaining your crawl space is an important part of protecting your home and health. At Atticare, we help you keep your crawl space sturdy and clean by providing full vapor barrier installation services. Whether you want to safeguard your house or you’re starting to see moisture building up in the crawl space, you can make an appointment with us at any time. 

We know how critical it is to keep every nook and cranny of your home in good shape, and we’re committed to providing the resources you need to uphold these standards. Our services save you time and money while maintaining your safety and comfort.

When you purchase a crawl space vapor barrier from us, we’ll lay the barrier on the floor and run it along the foundation walls of the crawl space. It’s simple to attach the barrier using the proper tape and adhesive. Once we finish, your crawl space will be secure against ground moisture penetration.

We plan our installations carefully based on your needs so you can enjoy the benefits of our work right away. You can count on us to prioritize safety and cleanliness for every job, especially as we navigate COVID-19. We clean all our equipment thoroughly between projects, and we wear protective gear to keep you and our workers safe during home installations.

Atticare Provides Full Service Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Installation

Your home or business is a significant investment, and it’s essential that you take steps to safeguard it against the damage uncontrolled moisture can cause. If your crawl space was never inspected before do not hesitate and contact us to schedule a FREE consultation! 

Our team will install a new vapor barrier in your crawl space, making sure the foundation of your home or business remains dry and pest-free. If you’re still comparing service providers to decide on the best price, we can help. Use our website’s competitor quote comparison tool to find out how our prices measure up to your other options.To schedule your free inspection for a crawlspace moisture/vapor barrier installation, contact us today.

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