Attic and Crawl Space Cleaning

Attic and Crawl Space Cleaning

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Attic and Crawl Space Cleaning Services 

Whether you’re buying a new home or simply renovating your current home, attic and crawl space cleaning are integral parts of maintaining indoor health.Many people don’t know that a contaminated attic can cause health problems like a weakened immune system and respiratory problems. Dirty, infested or wet crawl spaces can directly impact your family’s health. Air that you breathe often circulates through the crawl space as a part of natural airflow. A clean attic and crawl space helps the air in your entire house stay healthy and breathable. Atticare has been able to help countless families reduce allergies, the effects of asthma and cardiovascular diseases. A clean and completely insulated attic and a clean, and moisture free crawl space ensures your family sleeps well at night knowing that there’s nothing contaminating the air, while also improving energy efficiency.

We understand that many homeowners have never been to their attic or crawlspace. We provide experienced technicians that will conduct a full inspection and report of your attic space. Based on the report, we work together with the homeowner to prioritize what can be done to create a healthier, energy-efficient home.

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Attic Clean Up and Inspection Service Company San Francisco CA
Attic Clean Up and Inspection Service Company San Francisco CA
Attic Clean Up and Inspection Service Company San Francisco CA

6 steps to clean your attic

Attic Insulation Removal: The first part of attic clean up is the removal of the old insulation. Our team will vacuum and clean old insulation, debris and will also pick up and dispose of old storage items. When this part is done the attic will be clean and therefore it will be possible to see any issue that was hidden under the insulation.

Attic Sanitation and Decontamination: It’s essential not only to get rid of debris, but to also eliminate fungi, germs, bacteria and parasites remain even when all visible signs of rodents (rodent dropping, nesting materials) are gone. This can lead to respiratory issues, bacterial disease, viral disease and more being harbored and spread after-the-fact. Professional attic decontamination measures must be taken to ensure that your home is free from all rodent-related health hazards. Our trained team will make sure your home is 100% free from contamination, bacteria, and odor. 

Rodent Proofing: We want to make sure that rodents won’t be coming back to visit your attic. We use wire mesh and expanding foam to block out any potential rodents from returning. We offer a 1-year warranty to give you peace of mind that the rodents won’t return and cause damage. This process helps to make the attic more energy-efficient and together with the right insulation and air sealing, you can save more money than ever on energy bills each year.

Attic Air Sealing: We seal and caulk any gaps between the attic and the living space. This is an important step that is required by “title 24” (California building code) any time a contractor removes old insulation. When you combine all the holes that are present in an attic, it can be like opening a 2’ x 2’ window. That’s like wearing a coat in winter with holes in it! This step is essential to energy savings in the home.

Air Duct Repair & Replacement: Once the attic is fully insulated, the HVAC system in your home will function more efficiently. As a result, you’ll save money on your heating and cooling bills. If you want to increase your energy savings even further, air sealing and air duct replacement can help. This service helps minimize air leakage from the rooms in your house, which also helps preserve your HVAC systems.

Insulation Installation: The HVAC system that regulates your home’s interior climate largely relies on proper attic insulation. Once we are done with removing your old insulation we will work with you to tailor the right insulation material for your home. We do it based on your budget and the structure of your attic.

Crawl Space Cleaning and Encapsulation

Crawl Space Clean Up: Unclean crawl spaces can smell bad and be home to rodents and pests. Our experts work to remove debris, waste and old insulation to create a cleaner, odor-free space that is free of pests.

Crawl Space Insulation: Insulating the crawl space helps keep your house cool during hot weather and warm during cold winter months. A poorly insulated crawl space can significantly increase your energy bills. Our crawl space insulation professionals can replace old, worn-out or damaged insulation and make your house drier, energy-efficient and healthier.

Vapor/Moisture Barrier Insulation: Vapor barrier is a commercial-grade plastic sheeting that is placed on the crawl space ground. This helps block any moisture from getting into the crawl space from the ground. This barrier is essential to preventing mold, mildew and any structural damage to your house. Vapor Barrier can also save you money on future repairs and keep your home safer and cleaner.

Pest and Rodent Proofing: Rodents and pests hide in crawl spaces and can wreak havoc. They chew electrical wires, ruin insulation, soil the area and reduce the overall quality of air. If air from your crawl space happens to draft into your home, you could be breathing contaminated air. Atticare crawl space professionals offer pest and rodent prevention services by sealing entry points and repairing any damage in the crawl space.

Mold and Mildew Identification: If your home has ever flooded or has a poorly ventilated crawl area, it could have mold. A professional can help clean up the crawl space in your home by identifying sources of mold and mildew and partnering with a trusted, licensed company to come and get rid of it. Mold spores are especially common in San Francisco, but a well-ventilated crawl space will prevent moisture build-up, thus preventing the formation of mold under your house.

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