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Roofing Services

Protect your home and family with a new, modern & energy-efficient roof.

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Signs You Need Roof Replacement Services

A roof is a crucial barrier over your family’s head, and Atticare can reverse the deterioration that happens to it as time goes on. We’re specialists in roof replacement, serving residences in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New Jersey and New York.

Look for these warning signs that suggest you’ll need more than roof repair services:

  • Water damage and stains: Multiple leaks in the roof can lead to brownish spots on the ceiling, rotting wood in the structure and other exterior discoloration where rainwater did not properly redirect.
  • Missing or damaged shingles: Occasionally severe storms and even pests can dislodge your roof shingles. These bare or broken spots might look unsightly, but worse, they open vulnerabilities to the material underneath.
  • Age of the roof: Throughout the years, your roof wears down from constant exposure to the wind and rain, so it’s only natural that you must eventually replace it. For example, an average asphalt roof lasts for about 15 to 20 years. Whether your existing roof’s warranty has expired, or you’re unsure about when the last homeowner installed it, you should consider a roof replacement
  • Dull appearance: Replacing fading, worn, crooked or curling shingles can recapture the character of your home, distinguish you from your neighbors and boost your property value. Investing in a new roof should be a feature you’re proud of.


Looking To Replace Your Roof?​

When it’s time for a roof replacement,  we recommend our clients to install the total protection cool roof made by industry leader Owens Corning®. These lines of cool roofing shingles are specially designed to reflect the sun’s rays, helping to make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. Instead of the light colors you may associate with cool roofs, Owens Corning offers shingles with deep and rich colors so you can save energy and get the modern look at the same time.

  • 50 Years Industry Leading Warranty
  • $0 Down Financing Options Learn more >>
  • Energy-Efficiency Products that Meet California Title 24 Standard
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Steps to Choosing the Right Roof for Your Home

Roofing Service Company San Francisco | Los Angeles CA | New Jersey

Choose the right roofing system

It takes more than just shingles to protect your home! A good roofing system designed to integrate components and layers to withstand the forces of nature outside while controlling temperature and humidity inside. Our roofing system includes all the right components made by Owens Corning to help increase the performance of the roof - and to enhance the comfort of those who live beneath it.

Roofing Service Company San Francisco | Los Angeles CA | New Jersey

Choose the right design

Choosing a shingle color that will compliment the house is very important but there is a line between a good shingle and a great shingle. great shingle has batter thickness, reflectivity (so it's energy efficient) and has a "sure nail" technology. Sure nail technology features up to a 200% wider-nailing zone to ensure proper installation and a long lasting roof.

Roofing Service Company San Francisco | Los Angeles CA | New Jersey

Choose the right installer

A poor roof installation can lead to moisture issues, leaks, mold and mildew development etc. therefore, it's extremely important to choose a licensed, experience roofing contractor who has a track-record and reputation in the roofing industry. In Atticare, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the absolute finest quality of work from estimating to tear off, installation and final inspection we will make sure the job is done safely and in an exceptionally high standard

Roofing Service Company San Francisco | Los Angeles CA | New Jersey

Industry Leading Warranty

Many homeowners are not aware of the importance of warranty. A well installed roof should last for many years. That said, it is the most vulnerable part of your home because it is directly exposed to the outside elements. Even a well installed roof is not not immune to the outside forces and weather conditions, and therefore it's important to assure you get an industry leading warranty. Owens corning provides a limited life time, warranty to assure you can have a peace of mind for years to come.

Total Protection Roofing System

Roofing Service Company San Francisco | Los Angeles CA | New Jersey

Helps Create A Water Proof Barrier

Using self-Adhered ice & water barrier plus a synthetic underlayment

Roofing Service Company San Francisco | Los Angeles CA | New Jersey

Helps Protect Against Nature's Elements

Adding tough yet beautiful layer of defense

Roofing Service Company San Francisco | Los Angeles CA | New Jersey

Reduces Heat And Moisture Build Up

Using intake and exhaust vents for a balanced attic ventilation

Roofing Service Company San Francisco | Los Angeles CA | New Jersey

20+ colors available

The Roof Replacement Process with Atticare

TA majority of roof replacement projects are finished in one day. Atticare’s dedicated professionals are available throughout the project to answer your questions and keep you informed.

The basic steps involved in our roof replacement services include:

  • Assessment: Before starting any work, our roofing company will do a thorough inspection of your home’s condition. Then we’ll provide a fair, honest estimate on replacement. Other evaluation factors include your roof’s size, labor costs and whether we require additional staging for work on steep surfaces.
  • Selection: We’ll help you pick roofing products with the function, durability and color you’re seeking.
  • Pricing and scheduling: After presenting you with a final estimate, we’ll start the project on the most convenient date for you.
  • Existing roof removal: We roll out coverings to protect your grounds as we take off the old roofing material. We evaluate whether the deck boards beneath will need repairs before we begin installing any products.
  • Sub-roofing installation: Next, we attach sub-roofing underlayments, such as moisture-resistant layers, drip edges and ice shield material, according to the project requirements.
  • New roofing installation: Our trained team follows the manufacturer’s recommendations carefully to attach the new roof shingles, including flashing, ridge vents and caps where necessary.
  • Clean up and inspection: Once we gather all the materials and debris around your home, we also check that the completed craftsmanship meets our quality standards. Finally, we transfer the manufacturer’s warranty to you, and you can start enjoying the protection and appearance of your new roof.

Why Choose Atticare for Your Roof Replacement Project?

We’re committed to making your home safer and more efficient, a major reason why we’re certified energy experts. Plus, we’re a Diamond Certified company known for our exceptional service and hundreds of satisfied homeowners. We hope you’re so pleased with the result that you’ll refer your neighbors to us for a new roof as well!

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