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Why should you replace your windows?

Energy-efficient windows can help reduce your utility bills and make your home more comfortable. Not to mention the privacy, style, and beauty. Atticare construction offers a variety of windows and doors that help you achieve long-term performance and energy cost savings, in any climate.

What is a Low E coating?

The ability of a material to radiate energy (heat) is called its emissivity. Extremely thin coatings of special low emissivity (Low E) metallic material are applied to glass panes used in windows and doors to boost their energy efficiency. Low E coatings, usually applied to the inside layers of insulating glass, manage the amount of light and heat either conducted through a window or reflected away from it.

Are tax credits still available for energy-saving window and door replacement?

Tax credit programs change often. To stay up-to-date with the latest, visit and click “how to apply” for details.

window replacement 101

  • Simply put, U-factor measures how well a window keeps heat inside your home. It’s a measure of total heat flow through a window or door from room air to outside air. Lower numbers indicate greater insulating capabilities.
  • If U-factor denotes how much heat leaves your home, the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures how much radiant heat enters your home. All you really need to remember is: The lower the number, the less heat a window lets in.


  • The amount of visible light transferred through a window. Low E coatings can reject solar heat gain without significant reduction to visible light passing through the glass.


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