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Why Should You Replace Your Windows?

Every home needs dependable windows so you can see your surroundings, but did you know how essential windows are for controlling your indoor climate? 

If you’re a resident in greater Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, New Jersey or New York, you’re aware of how unpredictable the weather can be. Old, worn-out windows could also cause trouble regulating your home’s temperature. With insufficient sealing or poor quality glass, your home’s energy could be wasted from seeping air and the sun’s intense rays.

Our team can help you get greater performance out of your windows. We’ll also professionally install windows, so they last longer than a DIY job. Call the certified energy experts at Atticare to explore whether our window replacement services are a wise choice for your residence.

Energy-efficient windows can help reduce your utility bills and make your home more comfortable. Not to mention the privacy, style, and beauty. Atticare construction offers a variety of windows and doors that help you achieve long-term performance and energy cost savings, in any climate.

Consider these advantages of choosing Atticare for window replacement:

  • Improve the acoustics of your home: Sound transmission is influenced by the thickness and quality of the glass, in addition to the sealing. Windows engineered for sound control are great places to start when you prefer peace and tranquility over the noise of vehicles on your street or your neighbor’s lawnmower.
  • $0 down financing options: Atticare offers multiple financing plans to pay for your window renovation over time. We encourage you to see if you qualify for green energy programs in our areas.
  • Lower your energy bills and save money: By having new windows professionally installed, you can eliminate drafts and seal in hot or cold air that would otherwise leak out.
  • Add privacy, beauty and style: Whether you’re after an elegant design or upgraded visibility, Atticare will help you find the best windows for your home.
  • Let in more natural light: Spacious windows will illuminate your home during the day with less need to turn on lamps and lighting fixtures. It’s a smart way of trimming those electricity bills.

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Types of Windows for Window Replacement

When an Atticare specialist visits for a free consultation and inspection of your home, you can discuss what you want most out of your new windows. Our extensive knowledge lets us make the most beneficial window recommendations for your needs and budget.

  • Vinyl windows: This variety blends cutting-edge, energy-saving insulated glass with breathtaking designs and appearances. Vinyl windows are known for being low-maintenance and only need an occasional wash to look their best.
  • Fiberglass windows: Performance fiberglass is exceptionally strong against breakage. These windows also endure the worst of what nature throws at them — moisture, salt air, ultraviolet light, pests and temperature extremes. For the most longevity out of your investment, consider requesting fiberglass windows.
  • Wooden or wood-clad windows: Nothing combines the historic charm of wooden architecture and the benefits of modern glass technology better than this type of window. You can preserve the traditional, unique aesthetic of your home with a natural wood window frame with plenty of stain and color options to complement your exterior.

Whichever style you have in mind, our experts will complete a flawless window replacement. We also account for function, striving to give you easy access and smooth opening and closing for ventilation purposes.

With a new window installation, you shouldn’t have anything less than a perfect fit. Our detailed inspections in the early stages of the project will help us verify the window configuration that works best. When the installation day arrives, Atticare ensures the quality of the finished work will grant you energy savings from the beginning — and well into the future.

What Is a Low E coating?

The ability of a material to radiate energy (heat) is called its emissivity. Extremely thin coatings of special low emissivity (Low E) metallic material are applied to glass panes used in windows and doors to boost their energy efficiency. Low E coatings, usually applied to the inside layers of insulating glass, manage the amount of light and heat either conducted through a window or reflected away from it.

Are tax credits still available for energy-saving window and door replacement?

Tax credit programs change often. To stay up-to-date with the latest, visit and click “how to apply” for details.

What Is U-factor?

Simply put, U-factor measures how well a window keeps heat inside your home. It’s a measure of total heat flow through a window or door from room air to outside air. Lower numbers indicate greater insulating capabilities.

If U-factor denotes how much heat leaves your home, the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures how much radiant heat enters your home. All you really need to remember is: The lower the number, the less heat a window lets in.

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Why Choose Atticare as Your Window Replacement Professionals?

Atticare’s comprehensive home improvement services can help enhance the efficiency of the entire property. From your windows to your attic insulation and HVAC unit, we’re skilled at diagnosing where you can receive the most energy savings by upgrading your outdated home features.

Quality service is what defines us. We’re meticulous about wearing protective gear while working in and around your home, safeguarding your family’s health and safety. Our attentiveness and high standards of work for every project are part of why we have a 98% satisfaction rate and a Diamond Certified endorsement. Plus, we work hard to secure you the best deal — try out our better quote tool and see how Atticare could complete your upgrade through high-quality services for less.

We deeply appreciate every endorsement from our past clients. If you refer a friend to our team, we’ll give you a $200 check and offer a 10% discount to our new customer as an extension of our thanks.


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