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Pay 0 interest for up to 12 months!
*on approved credit


Special energy efficiency programs from 5-15 years
*on approved credit


Atticare has a competitive interest rates starting at 3.99%
*on approved credit

Energy efficiency payment programs

Whether you want to reduce energy usage, improve the comfort and health of your home or just want to “go green,” Atticare can help find the solution you need.

We stand behind our work and our lenders know this. This is why we can help you get the financing you need for upgrades that will save you money in the long run and get you the comfort you deserve. 

What is PACE Program?

PACE program is a “0” down financing program for home upgrades that simply add value to your property. Pace program is administered by the state with the support of the utilities to achieve energy efficiency building awareness

What type of home upgrades are qualified?

PACE qualify hundred of home upgrades that save energy and add value to the property like Roofing, Heating & Cooling (HVAC), Solar Panels, Windows & Doors, Insulation, Exterior Paint and many more.  

To see if the program is available in your area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us talk to one of our experts
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Add value to your home while making it more comfortable and climate resilient

What are the benefits of PACE Program?

Easy Approval Process

The approval process is based on home equity and not on credit score.


Zero Down

No money out of pocket and no payments for up to a year or more

No Minimum Credit Score Required

Since approval based primarily on home equity a minimum credit score is not required 

Easy Pre-qualification

It takes up to 30 minutes to get prequalified. contact us to learn more 1.888.743.7243

Low Interest Rate

Rates start at 5.99% O.C.D Since the program is administered by the state with the support of the utilities to support energy efficiency building awareness

Annual Payments

Payments are done annually with your property taxes and not monthly from your bank