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Attic and Crawl Space Services in The San Francisco Bay Area

Atticare raises the bar when it comes to providing unparalleled attic and crawl space services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to help you achieve good indoor air quality for total comfort in your home.

When you call us, we visit your home, inspect your crawl space and attic area, diagnose the problem and deliver the most effective solution.

No service is too small or too big for us. All of our professionals are highly trained, knowledgeable and capable. Most importantly, they’re industry leaders in their field of expertise. You can rest assured that we will increase the energy efficiency of your home, enhance indoor air quality and improve its overall comfort with our sustainable products and services.

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Crawl Space Clean Up Services

Contaminated air in the crawl space can affect the health of everything nearby. Pests, flooding, mold and rotting beams are just a few of the problems that commonly plague crawl spaces. At Atticare, we help ensure the crawl spaces in your home are as clean and healthy as possible.

We don’t just treat infestations; we’re experts in diagnosing and correcting any conditions that encourage pests and rodents. With cutting-edge solutions for moisture control, you can rest assured that we’ll get rid of infestations and help protect your home against damage from mold, fungi, water and related odors.

If excess water has already damaged the structural integrity of your home, you can count on our capable technicians to fix the problem and reinforce the affected areas as required.

Attic Clean Up Services

When pests and rodents invade your attic, they can wreak havoc and leave a huge mess behind. Attic cleanup is the process of restoring your attic to its original condition prior to damage and infestation.

This process can involve repairing chewed wires. But most importantly, it involves removing animal waste, which includes the urine and feces of animals that can act as a vector for diseases like salmonella, hookworm, roundworm and leptospirosis.

Damaged insulation, rodent waste removal and water problems are some of the most common problems we solve. One call to our able technicians can solve all the problems in your attic.

Why Choose Us?​

You deserve to be comfortable in the confines of your home. From your first phone call with us to the moment we send our crew to your house, you can expect nothing but the best.

Our highly qualified technicians use the latest equipment. We also make safety a priority by utilizing the best protective gear for our technicians and installing high-grade materials for your home. We’re also fully licensed and insured.

We pride ourselves on providing first-class customer service with a 98.8% customer satisfaction rate and an over 4.5-star rating after more than 1400 customer reviews.

Call us at 1-888-743-7243 today to schedule a free consultation with any of our technicians.

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