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The #1 Professional Rodent Proofing & Prevention Services in the San Francisco Bay Area

With Atticare, you can get rid of rats, mice and squirrels in just one day! These unwanted visitors are a health hazard and can have a devastating impact on your home’s structural integrity. Learn more about our humane, comprehensive solution to rodent proofing and prevention below.

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Our Rodent Proofing & Prevention Process - Step By Step

Atticare is not a pest control or extermination company. We offer rodent proofing services for your home that prevent them from returning once they have already been removed. If you are aware or suspicious of live rodents making their home within your attic and crawl space, your first step should be to have them removed by a trusted, professional pest control company. Once the rodents have been removed from your Bay Area home, we step in to offer a one-time, subscription-free solution that is safe for both you and your loved ones as well as any future invaders who attempt to nest within your attic or crawl space.

Attic & Crawl Space Cleaning

Once we arrive, the first step is to completely clean out your attic and crawl space as well as remove your current insulation so we can conduct a comprehensive search for any potential rodent entrances. Rodents are capable of squeezing through extremely small holes, so we must have access to every nook and cranny in order to fully seal off these areas.

During the cleaning process, we will remove any waste or debris and dispose of it properly. Once we are finished, all that will be left is the bare walls and beams, allowing us to do a thorough inspection and identify any potential problem areas that must be sealed off.

Sanitization & Decontamination (Optional)

Even though the rodents, old insulation and any leftover waste has been completely removed, this does not necessarily mean your attic and crawl space are now totally clean and safe. After we have fully emptied these areas, we then take measures to make sure your home’s air quality is protected by sanitizing and decontaminating them.

In addition to bacterias and viruses introduced by rodents, attics and crawl spaces are also prone to mold, mildew and other contaminants that pose potential health threats. We don’t consider our work complete until we have eliminated all the elements that could cause odors or harm to you and your family!

Rodent Proofing & Prevention

Now that your attic and crawl space are totally empty and decontaminated, we can move on to the most important step; identifying and sealing off any potential gaps through which rodents could enter. In the San Francisco Bay Area, where the rodent population is so dense, rodent proofing and prevention is crucial. Our approach differs from that of other pest control companies in that it is non-toxic, pesticide-free, and eco-friendly, making it safe for your family, pets and the environment.

Instead of using chemicals and traps that kill the rodents in hard to reach places and create foul odors, our team of rodent proofing experts uses wire mesh and foam to seal off all possible entrances into your Bay Area home. That way, any unwanted pests are unable to even enter your home in the first place!

When rodents are able to enter and secure what they deem to be a safe shelter, they multiply quickly (rats have up to 17 litters of 10-12 babies per year), introducing odors and bacteria into your home. They also have a tendency to threaten the structural integrity by chewing through insulation, air ducts, beams and electrical wires, the last of which can cause house fires.

By introducing effective blockades into your attic and crawl space, Atticare provides a one-time, long-lasting solution that eliminates all the downsides of other rodent control methods. Not to mention, sealing off these areas also makes your home more energy-efficient! Through years of experience, we have learned that poisoning and trapping rodents only leads to further problems down the line, so why not just prevent them from invading your Bay Area home in the first place?

Air Sealing

In addition to sealing off any potential entrances for rodents, we also caulk any gaps between the attic and the rest of the home to prevent heat or cool air from escaping. The Bay Area climate is wrought with chilling breezes and consistent rain showers, so making sure your attic is sealed is a must!

This crucial measure is required by California’s Title 24 Standard for energy efficiency any time a contractor removes insulation. Air sealing your attic will make sure that the energy you are using to cool or heat your home doesn’t go to waste along with the dollars you are spending every month on utility bills!

Insulation Installation

The final step of the rodent proofing and cleaning process is reinstalling the insulation into your attic and crawl space. Since we have already removed your old insulation and completely cleaned these areas, you may decide that you want to install new, high-quality insulation to bolster the air quality and energy-efficiency of your home.

If this is indeed the case, our team of insulation professionals can review your options and help you determine what is your best course of action according to your San Francisco Bay Area home and budget. After a comprehensive attic and crawl space cleaning, rodent proofing and insulation installation, you will begin saving on your utility bills and enjoying a higher air quality immediately!

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Cost of Rodent Proofing & Prevention - How Much is It?

The total cost of rodent proofing your attic and crawl space varies depending on their size, condition, and how many potential rodent entrances we uncover during the insulation removal and cleaning processes. The factors that inform a proper estimate are most often found beneath the surface, so the best way for us to provide you with an accurate quote is to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

However, we may be able to provide a ballpark estimate over the phone if you can provide some basic details about the space you would like to have serviced. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, fill out the contact form at the top of this page or reach out to us by phone at 1-866-692-5449.

If you’ve already received a quote for rodent proofing and prevention from another company in the San Francisco Bay Area, give us a chance to beat it! With Atticare’s Better Quote Tool, you can attach the competitor’s quote along with your contact information and one of our specialists will review it and get right back to you with a competitive quote for a better service at a better value!

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