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Our client in Danville, CA reached out to us needing an attic inspection. After our technician inspected our clients home, he recommended attic and crawlspace cleanup services. The home’s existing insulation was no longer up to code and he found many potential entry points.

Before our teams start any work we make sure to prep the home. We do this by laying down plastic and enforcing them with tape on the areas we will be walking over. This step helps us keep our client’s home clean while we provide our services. Our team also ensures our customers are always kept up to date on the status of our services. Not only does this give our customer’s peace of mind, but it also allows us to provide Diamond-Certified customer service.

We removed the existing insulation from the attic using a 19 HP vacuum and removal tubes. After we began our next step by cleaning the attic. This process allows us to remove any lingering and unwanted odors in the attic. We then performed rodent proofing in the attic. This process involved sealing holes and gaps we found in the attic. This step is important to prevent future rodent activity. Our last step was installing R-38 Batts insulation accordingly to CA building code, in the attic. The benefits of new insulation help our clients to save money on their energy bills and be more comfortable in their home.

Our team began our next service by removing the old insulation and debris from the crawlspace. We then cleaned the crawlspace surface areas. This helps with removing any lingering odors in the crawlspace. Afterward, we performed rodent proofing in the crawlspace. Rodent proofing all potential areas in the home is beneficial. We then installed R-19 Batts insulation in the crawlspace. To complete our work we installed a new vapor barrier in the crawlspace. This will prevent future moisture issues in the crawlspace. We hope our client is enjoying their newly insulated home. 

Danville, California

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