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Attic Clean Up and Insulation Replacement in Bayonne, NJ

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Bayonne, New Jersey, 07002

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If you’ve left your attic unattended for some time, it’s likely toxic build up and rodent damage are affecting the air quality in your home, not only increasing your energy bills but exposing you to harmful bacteria. Our customer had old attic insulation that was strewn all over, covered with dust, debris, and contaminated with rodent feces. First, we bagged all of the dirty insulation to safely remove from the home. Next, we vacuumed the attic floor to get rid of remaining debris and rodent droppings. After, we sanitized the floor to get rid of rodent urine and bacteria. Then, we air sealed any energy leaking gaps on the attic floor and rodent proofed to keep rodents out. Last, we installed new fiberglass insulation to improve air quality and keep an energy efficient home.

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