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Attic Cleanup & Insulation Installation in Sylmar, CA

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Los Angeles, California, 91342

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Have you left your attic unattended for a long period of time? This would likely cause toxic build up, rodent damage affecting the air quality, and increasing your energy bills. First, our crew cleaned up the attic by vacuuming out all the debris. Next, we decontaminated the attic to prepare for the insulation installation. For the decontamination process we used our 100% natural solution and air sealed the attic. Then, the crew used wire mesh, expandable foam, and silicone to rodent proof the attic. By doing so it will prevent future rodent activity and costly damages to the home. Finally, the crew installed the new batts insulation, accordingly to CA building code. Now the home will have a better air quality, as well as lower energy bills.

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