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Have you ever wonder why your home is very hot or cold during extreme weathers? This could be the cause of not having insulation or very old decompressed insulation. When our technician inspected the attic he found insulation that needed to be replaced. Our crew started off by vacuuming out the old insulation. Next, we sanitized the attic floors with our 100% natural solution, this will help eliminate any bad odors. Then, we air sealed and rodent proofed the attic. Air sealing the attic is important since it helps prevent heat or cold leaks from the living space travel up into the attic. The rodent proofing will help prevent future rodent activity in the attic. Finally, the crew installed the new R-38 and R-19 batts insulation in the attic floors and walls. Installing new insulation will ensure lower energy bills, as well as a more comfortable living space during summer and winter. 

Agoura Hills, California

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