Attic Insulation Removal and Replacement in West Orange, NJ

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West Orange, New Jersey, 07052

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Summer is here and with it, higher energy bills. If an attic does not have sufficient insulation, you’ll find yourself running the AC all day and night to keep you home cool. For this home, we found that the insulation had lost its R value and that some parts of the attic were missing insulation. To help keep this home comfortable during the summer, we had to first remove all of the old insulation. With the floor exposed, we were able to vacuum any debris left over and sanitize the area. We found some openings that rodents may be able to get in from so we sealed them off using our rodent proofing process. This will help prevent future infestations. Next, we sanitized the attic floor and air sealed to keep energy from leaking into the attic. Finally, we finished by installing new batt insulation. Now this home is ready for the summer heat!

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