Attic Insulation Removal & Rodent Proofing in Newark, NJ

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Attic Insulation Removal and Rodent Proofing in Newark, NJ

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Newark, New Jersey, 07103

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We Make Energy Efficient Homes!

A clean and properly insulated attic ensures your family can remain comfortable in the home year round while saving money on energy bills. This customer wanted to replace the insulation in his attic. The attic was old and so needed an upgrade to keep his house warm this winter. Upon inspection, we found that there was a rodent issue in addition to inadequate insulation. We vacuumed and bagged all of the cellulose insulation and rodent droppings to clear the area for new insulation. Then we sanitized the attic floor to get rid of toxic build up caused by the rodents. Next, we rodent proofed the attic to prevent costly damages in the future and air sealed the attic floor to save energy. After this was done, we installed new batt insulation. This will improve the air quality inside the house, keep the family comfortable during the year, and save energy!

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