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The QuietCool system is the most advanced Whole House Fan on the market today. The system is installed in the attic of your home and consists of 3 major components. 

  • The Motorhead – This component is the powerful fan and it gets suspended from attic rafters. The suspension of the motorhead allows the system to avoid vibrations being sent throughout the structure of your home. Keeping it Quiet!
  • The Ducting – This component connects the motorhead to the damper box. This is not your ordinary ducting as it has special acoustical cloth lining which drastically dampens the noise generated by the fan.
  • The Damper Box – This component is mounted in the attic between your attic studs and on-top of your ceiling sheet rock. The high airflow grille will be mounted to the bottom of the damper box and is the only visible component from the living space. The damper box has barometric damper doors inside that open when the fan is on and close when the fan is off. This keeps your home insulated from the attic space.
  • Open select windows in your home
  • Turn on your QuietCool Fan
  • The QuietCool pulls air through your open windows, creating a strong cooling breeze throughout your home
  • The QuietCool then pressurizes your attic space with cool air, forcing the existing hot air out the attic vents
  • This allows your entire home to breathe as it’s completely cooled and ventilated with fresh air. You’ll love it!

For Cooling Purposes

  • Comfort is relative, so everyone will have a different outside temperature set point at which they open their windows and turn on the QuietCool fan. 
  • For most, an outside temperature of 80 degrees is that set point. With a properly sized fan, the cooling sensation of the breeze across your skin can feel 5-10 degrees cooler! 

You’ll start cooling the hot attic and the outside temperature will often continue to further cool throughout the night.

For Ventilation Purposes

As you run your fan for cooling purposes, you’ll simultaneously be ventilating your home with fresh air! Home owners are AMAZED at how much the QuietCool improves their indoor air quality. No more “home smell”.

Can you ventilate your home during the heat of the day or in the winter time?  Yes! Run your QuietCool for 3-4 minutes to exhaust unwanted cooking odor, pet dander, smoke, steam, germs etc. with little to no effect on your inside temperature.

Most homes will have 2-3, sometimes 4 windows open while running the QuietCoolHow much you open each window will determine how much breeze you feel.

  • If you want to feel a strong breeze, try 2-3 windows open 4-6 inches each.
  • If you want to feel a light breeze, try 3-4 windows open half way.
  • Each home is different, but home owners quickly find their favorite QuietCool windows to open.
  • Average sound levels range from 37dB – 47dB
  • The noise you’ll hear in the living space while running your QuietCool is the airflow into the ceiling grille. It’ll sound similar to an A/C return, without the noisy condensing unit outside!
  • Depending on what room you occupy while running your QuietCool, you may not even hear anything! Just feel the breeze!
  • One of the great things about QuietCool systems is that home owners have options including size and model of fan!
  • For sizing, we use the homes square footage and ensure the total CFM of the system stays within a sufficient ratio to properly cool your home

Minimum Sizing – 2 CFM per 1 SqFt 

Maximum Sizing – 3 CFM per 1 SqFt

  • For homes that suffer from moderate heat, we recommend 2 CFM per SqFt
  • For homes that suffer from extreme heat, we recommend 3 CFM per SqFt

As a QuietCool Authorized Dealer, we sell and install the Pro Series QuietCool fans.The PRO Series is available in two models: Trident Pro and Stealth Pro 

Trident Pro

  • Available in 7 different sizes (1,500 CFM – 7,000 CFM)
  • Energy Efficient PSC Motor
  • 2 Speed Motor
  • Average Sound Level 42.1 – 47.3 dB

Stealth Pro

  • Available in 7 different sizes (1,500 CFM – 7,000 CFM)
  • Ultra-Energy Efficient ECM Motor
  • 3 Speed motor (on 4.8 and above)
  • Average Sound Level 37 – 47.3 dB 
  • Whole House Fans can save you up to 50-90% on your A/C bill, according to PG&E, and our QuietCool customers will attest to that as many are savings hundreds a month in the hotter parts of the year!
  • How to Save in 2 parts
  • When you turn the QuietCool on for pennies an hour, you turn the A/C off which can cost upwards of $1 – $2 an hour. Saving big!
  • In addition, by running the QuietCool into night, your home and attic are pre-cooled to the nighttime low which mitigates how much or can even eliminate the use of A/C the following day.
  • With a QuietCool Whole House Fan, you’ll have the ability to control high volumes of airflow within your home creating a powerful “active” cooling breeze, at the sound of a whisper, for pennies an hour!
  • You can also expect to have a fresh air feel within your home as you’ll be able to consistently replace stale, stuffy indoor air with fresh air. Prepare to be amazed at your indoor air quality.
  • We’re confident you’ll love being a QC statistic! 
  • QuietCool has a 98% customer satisfaction rating!


  • The Attic Fan fan cools and ventilates the attic space directly by pulling outside air through attic vents and exhausting the attic air out, typically through an attic gable or dormer vent. 
  • This directly cools the attic temperature which results in less heat transfer from the attic into the living space.
  • The Whole House Fan cools and ventilates the entire home by pulling in air through open windows, creating a breeze across the living space, and exhausting the air into the attic and out the attic vents.
  • This directly cools and ventilates the living space, as well as the attic, while offering the occupants in the home a powerful cooling breeze that rushes across their skin.
  • The QuietCool products are manufactured from raw material, right here in Temecula, California!
  • The QuietCool boxes proudly come with a Built in the USA stamp and a 15 year Manufacturer’s warranty on the motor. 
  • QuietCool knows as a home owner you’re looking for the very best and offer 15 years of confident cooling, ventilating and savings for your home and family.