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Reduce Your Energy Bills

At Atticare we believe our customers deserve to be comfortable in their homes. QuietCool whole house fan will help to improve the air quality in your home while saving money on your energy bills.

The new technology designed by QuietCool saves customers up to 50-90% off A/C related electricity costs. A whole house fan and an attic fan together can help consumers save money, enjoy better health, and cool their home for just pennies an hour.


Why QuietCool is the best whole house fan on the market?

Thousands of users across America have experienced significant savings when they turn their A/C off and their QuietCool on. 

The QuietCool Revolution is being led by people like yourself that are tired of spending all of their hard-earned money on their electric bills. The biggest advantage of QuietCool is allowing homeowners to turn their most expensive appliance off and improve the comfortability of their home for just pennies an hour. 

QuietCool whole house fans are a ventilation system that is whisper quiet compared to old, traditional whole house fans. Because it is quiet, homeowners will run it for hours at a time allowing it to cool the entire mass of the home. The QuietCool whole house fan will replace all of the hot air, eliminate pet dander, and exhaust all of the pollutants that are built up in the home within a matter of minutes. 


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Reduce your energy bills with QuietCool  

  • Save 50-90% off A/C related electricity costs.
  • Keep your home cooler for pennies 
  • Enjoy better health 



About Atticare

Atticare is a nationwide company with over 15 years of experience and a 5 star attitude. We provide a full service for all of your attic and crawl space needs.
We will help you save on your energy bills and protect your attic from rat damages. As a result of our work, your home will be clean, safe & energy efficient.
By cleaning and insulating the attic and crawl space, we can save you money while improving the air quality inside your home and prevent any future diseases.

Licensed and general liability insured
Highest quality work, guaranteed
Best quality products and brands used
All service team members are professionally trained and/or certified
All insulation used is fire resistant
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We Have a 5 Star Rating Across the Board



We are getting ready to remodel and know our attic is a mess from a rat infestation and a leaky roof. We wanted to get it cleaned out before we started crawling around in that mess. Francisco got out quickly for an estimate, did a good job of explaining what they would do, were able to schedule us quickly for the work and the price was very fair. Danis and crew showed up right on schedule to do the work, did a good job of preparing for the job, got it done efficiently, and cleaned up after themselves.
Couldn’t ask for any better performance or price. Thank you Attic Care!

Larry M.

Attic care is a great company to work with! Before I started the project with them, I had a terrible experience with another company that were doing rodent proofing. I contacted Attic Care and they came in the next day for an estimate. Milo gave me a fair estimate on the attic cleaning, proofing and new insulation. I needed it done fast because I had an electrician coming over to work in the attic and Milo work within my schedule. On the weekend I decided to text Milo to ask if they could add vapor barrier to the crawl space and he was able to add it to be done on the same day as the attic clean up.

The day of the clean up, Elmer and crew were very punctual. They did a fantastic job! Elmer even found the entry points for the rodents to the crawl space that the previous company said that they had fixed. I would definitely recommend them.

Rodrigo S.

Working with AttiCare was a breeze from the first consultation through the work and into the follow up phase. We had a extensive rat issues in our attic when we bought our home. Disgusting. We’re very comfortable now as if the problem never existed.

Jay M.

I would give Atticare 6 stars if I could. I have an old 1920s house and it had zero insulation (freezing) and lots of entry points for rats that I wanted to live in total denial of — gross! Atticare was so professional and thorough. They came out and did all of the cleaning, sanitizing and installation in one day, showed me a lot of before and after pictures and rodent proofed even the tiniest openings. Then after they were done, I heard a rat scratching and chewing. They came right back out and found a hard to see hole underneath the gutter in this decorative fascia (not an access point to the attic) and sealed it off for me. Jay came out to give me the quote and help with the second visit — he’s so awesome, explains everything and obsessively detailed. All of the crew are so nice and equally obsessed with high quality work. I wish all companies could be like Atticare. I’m a huge fan and give them the highest recommendation. If you care about a high quality, great customer service experience for your insulation and rodent proofing go with Atticare!

Faith K.



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