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Homeowner Tips

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Our Services usually take one day of work, however in more complex projects with multiple services and products, it might take 2-3 days to complete.

The price for attic cleanup & Insulation replacement bundle can range anywhere from $2.5-$4 depending on the attic’s physical condition, Insulation type, and grade. As every home is unique, we highly recommend to schedule a free inspection OR to speak with one of our advisors over the phone for the best, most accurate estimate.

Attic or crawl space retrofits are typically a “once in a lifetime project”. It is likely that adding insulation will be needed in the far future as the climate changes but without external conditions to damage the insulation, second time replacement can be avoided if it is done correctly in the first place.  

Of course! Research shows that a clean attic & crawl space helps maintain a healthier home. Dust, mold and allergens can be found particularly in these areas and since It accumulates right next to your HVAC and ventilation system it essentially becomes the air you breath- and poor indoor air quality has a major effect on your health. While your attic and the crawl space are simply two rooms in your home, because they are normally out of sight they are very often neglected.

Absolutely , we encourage our clients to be a part of the process. Our team leader will be happy to show you the progress and final result.

Yes! We know that homeowners can have unexpected expenses especially when it comes to their house. This is why we offer special financing programs so while paying smaller installments you will save money on energy bills. This is a better and more comfortable way to get a return on your investment.  

It is important to understand that both types of insulation are made out of the same material and have the same R-Value (Thickness) and therefore have the same thermal benefits. We will recommend a different insulation material depending on the structure of your attic and your needs. Please refer to our page blown vs. batt insulation to learn more.

the structure

  1. If you have never been to your attic or it has been a while since someone inspected your attic.
  2. Uneven temperature in your home. For example- when rooms directly beneath the attic are getting too hot or too cold. 
  3. High energy bills
  4. Insulation thickness is under the recommended level (see pic below)
  5. Cold drafts in certain areas of the house during winter time
  6. Strange odor and/or noises coming out of the attic 
  7. Extensive dust across the house
  8. You or your family members are suffering from allergies due to living at the house.  

Our best recommendation is to move any valuables from areas that may cross the path to your attic’s entrance. That’s about it, we will do the rest.

Energy efficiency is a puzzle that consists of many variables such as insulation value, air sealing, windows, roof, HVAC and more. Check our NEW savings calculator to learn more and contact one of our advisors to schedule a FREE inspection.


Attic clean up will do nothing but good to ALL of the residents of the house including your pet. Cleaning and insulating the attic and/or crawlspace will improve the indoor air quality and as a result enhance the air you breathe.

No, but we do need someone to open the door for us and be there when we finish to accept the final invoice. However, it is a cool service that happens once in a lifetime so we always encourage our clients to be a part of it. Our team leader will be happy to show you and explain the progress of our work.

The major difference is the business model. We believe in a one time greener solution of eliminating entry points and the pest control industry believes in constant maintenance, trapping and poisoning. 


The idea behind our long lasting solution is to finish all services in one day and to never come back so you can have peace of mind for years to come. In some cases pest control services may be required as maintenance ONLY to monitor future rodent activity or in cases of a degradable/decomposing structure and under foundation tunnels – we can’t beat nature all the time. But we do hold the record of a 96% success rate.

The inspection takes 15-30 min. Once the inspection is done our technician will share with you his findings along with pictures and a report with suggestions for improvement and treatment.

Atticare is a one stop shop for energy efficiency solutions, therefore, we recommend that you always call us first to consult. Your success in upgrading your comfort while increasing your savings are our main priority and therefore we will do everything in our power to deliver the best advice and tailor the right service for your needs.