Is It Safe To Store Items In The Attic?

Attic full of stuff

Did you run out of space to store new furniture, boxes, or other belongings? Are you wondering what items can be safely stored in the attic? This is a common problem that homeowners face at some point or another.

If you happen to have a basement this is sometimes an option, however basements have their own sets of problems too. Common basement problems usually involve your things getting wet or worse yet, mold. Storing items in your attic then tends to be far more preferable than storing them in the basement. However, things you really care about should probably never go in the attic either, such as:

  • Objects made of wood
  • Leather
  • Natural components like hair and fabric
  • Photos and papers- they will all eventually deteriorate.

And below are some reasons why the above items should be kept out of the attic.

Attic Moisture

The biggest problem associated with attic storage is the potential for moisture damage. Even if there’s no visible water leaks or standing pools of water, like in a basement, high humidity levels in the attic can ruin your belongings. Moisture in the attic can be caused from insufficient attic insulation. Moisture vapor then settles into fabrics, thus promoting the growth of mold and mildew. Whether it’s clothes or furniture, mildew will destroy your items, forcing you to toss them out.

Attic Cleanliness

How clean is your attic? If no one but your air conditioning service tech has been in your attic for quite some time, chances are your attic is the filthiest spot in the house. A dirty attic attracts rodents and uninvited guests. The attic should be cleaned thoroughly, from ceiling to floor. Scrub away all dust, dirt, grime, mildew and mold. The cleaner your attic is, the safer it will keep the possessions you store up there.

Pests in the Attic

Deciding what you will keep in the attic will help you choose the appropriate storage bins and boxes. Select heavy-duty bins that will prevent irreversible damage to your cherished possessions. Some items to store in the attic are:

What can you store in the Attic?

Just before you store items in the attic – check for pests. Moisture isn’t the only danger to items stored in the attic. If rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels or other pests are inhabiting your attic, they may damage your belongings too. Attic pests such as these frequently urinate and defecate on items stored in the attic. In some cases they will also chew them up to create bedding.
Before storing any items in your attic, inspect the area for signs of a pest infestation. Most types of infestations are easy to identify, as the pest will leave behind a trail of feces (note: mice feces is about the size of a grain of rice).

  • Holiday decorations: Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving decor, Fourth of July party supplies
  • Kitchen supplies: ceramics, plates, and dish sets
  • Project bins
  • Travel items

For more information on attic clean up and how to remove pests and waste, contact Atticare today.


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