In The Event of Squirrels in the Attic, Do This

For many household pests, like squirrels, attics provide an inviting place to seek refuge from natural predators and the outdoor climate. However, once cozily inside, these animals can wreak havoc…

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Does Your Attic Insulation Need an Upgrade?

You’ll have trouble keeping your indoor and outdoor air separated if you have poor attic insulation, which means you’ll lose efficiency and overwork your HVAC system. If saving money and…

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Understanding How Vapor Barrier Insulation Works

As their name suggests, vapor barriers are manufactured to be barriers against vapor—mainly, the moisture present in air in humid areas. When properly installed, vapor barrier insulation impedes moisture from…

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A Closer Look At Vapor Barrier Insulation

If your home is located in a climate that gets cold during the year, you need to be sure you have the correct attic insulation installed. Specifically, you should have…

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