Attic Cleaning 101

Know when it's DIY, and when it's time to hire a professional. Attic cleaning may not be your idea of a good time. But dust, mold, and allergens can start…

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Winter Air Quality: Why You Should Inspect Your Air Ducts

When you get a cold in the winter, you probably blame it on the chill in the air. However, in winter we seal the air inside our homes, and those…

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Rodent Contamination Removal Can Be A Health Hazard

Homeowners Cleaning Up Rodent Infestations Need to Take Precautions in Order to Prevent Spreading Diseases Rodent infestations in homes are a serious problem. Even after all of the rats or…

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rat in attic

Protect Your Family’s Health By Rodent Proofing Your Home

Rats and mice - two of the most common household rodents - are “commensal” animals, meaning that they live in close proximity to humans. They are adapted to living around…

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What You Can’t See – Can Hurt You

An attic is a functional space that provides storage and often serves as a living area or extra bedroom. When you clean an attic, it is important to rid the…

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