3 Home Services for A Healthier Lifestyle – Coronavirus

The coronavirus took everyone by surprise these past few weeks. As a result of these uncertain times, it’s essential to take precautionary measures to lower the risk of getting infected. The best way to reduce your chances of getting sick is to practice good hygiene. Make a habit of washing your hands and avoid touching your face. You should also boost your immune system with vitamins and exercise.

Along with these health tips, you should also make sure your residential air quality is clean and free of contaminants. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you stay home to avoid spreading or contracting the coronavirus. Healthy indoor air quality control strengthens your immune system. As a result, you will have a lower chance of contracting the coronavirus and other diseases.

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Here are three effective services that we offer to protect your home against the coronavirus.

3 Services for Your Home That Will Enhance Your Immune System Against the Coronavirus

1. Clean and Sanitize the Attic

The CDC encourages people to disinfect frequently used surfaces, such as doorknobs and tables, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The primary way you can transmit a virus is through close contact and coughing. As a result, we must keep at least 6 feet away from others to guard against the coronavirus.

Besides germs within the main level of the home, the activity in your attic also affects indoor air quality. Pests and their droppings produce bacteria that travel through the air. A sanitized attic reduces air pollution inside the home, further protecting you against the coronavirus and other illnesses.

Poor ventilation and air quality in a home can lower your immunity and increase allergies. Some of the side effects of poor indoor air quality include:

  • Irritation of the throat, eyes and nose.
  • Headaches.
  • Fatigue.
  • Dizziness.
  • Upper respiratory issues.
  • Heart disease.

Any of these pre-existing conditions could increase your risk of contracting a severe case of the coronavirus. If you have family members with allergies or respiratory issues, consider scheduling an attic clean-up appointment with our team at Atticare. We provide attic decontamination services for homeowners in the San Francisco Bay area, the Los Angeles area and the New Jersey area.

During our attic sanitation appointments, we inspect your attic for dead rodents and other unpleasant debris. While we are in the area, we’ll also check your attic’s insulation and your HVAC system. Our team of professionals will remove the contaminants from your attic so you and your family can breathe safely.

2. Clean and Sanitize Your Crawl Space

The crawl space also has a significant effect on the air quality inside your home. Naturally, air flows from the crawl space up to the main level of the home. As a result, contaminants can travel into the house. Breathing in moisture and rodent-related contaminants can lower your immune system and cause health issues.

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If you notice a moldy smell coming from your crawl space, your home needs a visit from our team at Atticare. Our trustworthy technicians in the San Francisco Bay area, the Los Angeles area and the New Jersey area inspect your crawl space for damage and contaminants.

To prevent moisture damage in the future, we might recommend air sealing or vapor barrier treatment. These treatments involve sealing your crawl space against air leaks and the mold and mildew buildup.

3. Install a QuietCool Whole House Fan

A QuietCool whole house fan delivers fresh air from outside into your entire home and attic. A properly sized system completes a full home air exchange in 3-4 minutes or up to 20 exchanges per hour. Experts agree that indoor fresh air ventilation is important to our health.

  • The CDC recommends opening windows and increasing ventilation to stay healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • The American Lung Association states that the more stagnant your indoor air is, the more likely diseases are to spread.
  • Harvard says ventilation is a critical factor in how viruses and bacteria spread within indoor environments. Furthermore, recirculating air can lead to higher risk of infections

Aside from these health benefits, the QuietCool fan also reduces your energy costs by 50-90%. This energy-efficient system pushes warm air out of the house so your HVAC system won’t have to spend as much energy regulating the temperature.

You can choose from our QuietCool Stealth Pro or Trident Pro Whole House Fans to ventilate the air in your attic and beyond. With an RF Controller, which is compatible with all of our house fan models, you can handle the fan from anywhere in the house. Here are the features and benefits of an RF Controller:

  • Take it off the wall and use it from any room in the home.
  • Hide it from your kids to avoid them using it and making costly mistakes with the ventilation system.
  • Use the Switch and Hub to set a countdown timer of up to 12 hours.
  • Adjust the speed of your fan.
  • Connect the Switch and Hub to the RF Controller without a need for WiFi.

Our Commitment to You During COVID-19 Coronavirus

Atticare is taking precautionary measures to protect our clients and employees. We’ve always followed strict protocols for cleaning our trucks and equipment. In light of this national emergency, we will proceed with using cleaning products that are effective in killing viruses.

We have enhanced our methods of cleaning between service appointments. We seek to maintain the safety and health of our employees, along with our clients.

Atticare’s estimators, project managers and field workers have always worn protective gear while on the job. We will continue to enforce this protocol going forward. We have used and will to continue to use all the appropriate equipment to protect ourselves and you, including:

  • Half-face respirators, which are more effective than what the CDC recommends.
  • Eye protection, full hazmat coveralls, gloves and shoe covers are our standard. Our team has used this protective gear for more than 11 years.
  • Clorox wipes to clean our trucks and equipment.
  • Using plastic containments to separate the working area from the rest of the home.

Our response to the latest news on COVID-19 will reflect our dedication to our clients’ and employees’ safety. If you have concerns about contracting the coronavirus during our service appointment, don’t be afraid! Our team has trained for many years to work around contaminants in the attic and crawlspace.

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Please contact our Client Care Center at 866-692-5449 to address any questions or concerns. You can also contact us online for more information. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST. If you have specific questions about the coronavirus, check out the CDC website.

Thank you for your continued trust in Atticare Construction. As always, we will strive to create a safe and enjoyable experience. We look forward to maintaining our routine of caring for your attic and crawl space.


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